Let’s Embody What You Deserve With Ease

Every new year or cycle, I like to choose a word that describes the intention behind that new experience. At this time, my words are embody and ease.

Of course, I have the perfect incident that happened recently to share with you. Story time.

I edited a few photos and video clips to post together as a carousel on Instagram. I already wrote my desired caption on my phone. I uploaded the photos and videos…I think there were 6 in total.

Before moving on to the caption, the Instagram app opened another window stating “this would be a great reel. Let us create one for you to try out.” I had never seen this before. Naturally, I was curious. So I pressed “ok.”

The app created a 30-second reel with the photos switching quickly and the video slightly cropped with a very generic tinny song playing in the background.

For a moment, my mind went into fix-it mode. Ok…what song should I choose?….what mood should I portray?….how do I change the speed of the photos?…what text should I add? Then, I paused. How did I allow this app to give me more work to do on my time? Also, this reel did not illustrate the story and message I wanted to share. Instead, this reel felt performative, bland, and uninspiring. The exact opposite of what I wanted to share.

So, can you guess what I did? I deleted the app. I’m kidding. I’m not that dramatic…most of the time. Actually, I canceled the reel, reuploaded my photos, videos, and caption, and posted what I wanted. 

This is the energy I intend to start carrying more. Anything that does not align with the reality I desire to embody and the ease I deserve to feel…I respectfully decline. This is something I have been experimenting with for almost a year now. Would you like to hear more about it? Ok, let’s unpack it.

Instead of having a list of things I want or looping on things that did not work out, I have been focusing on how I want to feel with what I desire. I have given myself permission to desire things I have never had before. That is a big one. How can you embody what you have never experienced? What if you do not have an example of success, love, being on the winning team, having no financial concerns, substantially making an impact, belonging to a community, and/or maintaining boundaries that actually resonate with you?

It’s not easy. I have been using my vivid imagination. Even with that, limited beliefs bubble up to the surface at every other step. But, I have learned that this is a sign of progress. Now that I am on this side of the journey, I feel more comfortable with the unknown. More grateful for the present. More open to receive. It’s a really beautiful experience.

Thus, for this new year, cycle, or chapter (however you prefer to define your time), I hope and trust you embody:

…the abundance you deserve,

…the community you deserve.

…the success you deserve.

…the health you deserve.

…the love you deserve.

…the fun you deserve.

…the healing you deserve.

…the celebration you deserve.

…the freedom you deserve.

…the wealth you deserve.

…the patience you deserve.

I hope and trust you are open to receiving ease in:

…the support you deserve.

…the flexibility you deserve.

…the justice you deserve.

…the recognition you deserve.

…the evolution you deserve.

…the care you deserve.

…the rest you deserve.

…the luck you deserve.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. I encourage you to add to it. Individually and collectively, I feel there are so many beautiful and good things about to blossom for everyone. With that in mind, I want to tell you congratulations in advance. I am so grateful for your presence. I am looking forward to all the magical adventures we are going to have during this time.

What are you looking forward to embodying with ease? Share with me. I love hearing from you.

The selection

Ok, you know how I love to experiment, right? This is the reason why I will always reference Dexter’s Laboratory. So, “the selection” is a section of my newsletters that includes a variety of links to things I feel you would find interesting. Please feel free to check them out and share your thoughts with me. Enjoy.

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  • Morocco’s identity as Arab, African, and Amazigh. Read here.
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