How I Use And Care For My Crystal Jewelry

Crystals, also referred to as gemstones and semi-precious stones, are a great way to set and carry intentions within your life. With the variety of colors, shapes, and meanings, there is a crystal for everyone. With my business, Bandele Muse, I provide crystal gemstone jewelry. I selected gemstones for their healing properties and combined them for a wholesome and powerful experience for you.

Did you know there are different ways to use your crystal gemstone jewelry? In this video, I share with you the ways I use my crystal gemstone bracelets, how I take care of my crystal jewelry, and details on a few of the crystal gemstone bracelets I have available at Bandele Muse.

For more details on my experience with crystals and the different ways you can use them, check out my blog post at Bandele Muse.

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