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I answer questions too. Here you will find interviews and stories about me. Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® podcast is a place where ordinary people go to reveal their greatness. Host Loronda C. Giddens interviews ordinary people who become extraordinary when they share their greatness with…

Journalist – African Diaspora News Channel

The African Diaspora News Channel is a platform that produces content on international news, social commentary, travel, and health. The team and content is dedicated to connecting the African diaspora one story at a time. I contributed multi-media news reports to the platform, covering innovation, culture, and positivity throughout Africa and Africa’s diaspora. Below is…

Editor – Africans on China

Africans on China is a platform that elevates the voice of Black people on China. It is a media-tech startup and consultancy on a mission to create a self-sufficient Africa that relates with the world, especially China, on mutually beneficial terms. The team provides expertise on the African and Chinese business and education markets. I…

Consultant – Digital Media & Marketing

As technology and consumer behavior continues to evolve, digital media and marketing is the key to leveraging brands, platforms, and customers. As a consultant, I work with brands and companies to clearly define their goals and develop a strategy to digitally translate their voice, story, and goal. Experience Produce digital strategy report – combining your…

Content – Necia Media Collective

Necia Media is an online community center for radical, muxerista, multi-ethnic and diaspora voices. I started as a member of this collective and contributed content. As the collective grew, I became part of the editorial team to edit content on the website and newsletter. Articles This Space  


I always had a way with the camera, but I started exploring it as a form of art in college. I took a photography class while studying abroad in France in 2009 and subsequently fell in love with photography. I took the photos featured below with a Nikon D5100 and Pentax k-r.

Producer/DJ – The Lounge at WRGW District Radio

The Lounge at WRGW District Radio featured music from around the world, information about artists and genres, events and topics tailored to Washington, DC, and showcases of local artists in Washington, DC

Journalist – Changing Directions: School-To-Prison Pipeline

I wrote an article about Austin, Tx, the school-to-prison pipeline, and community-based programs.

Producer/Artist – Stop The Pipeline

“Stop The Pipeline” is a music video, public service announcement, educational tool, and news supplement attempting to fill the gap between those affected by the school-to-prison pipeline and those who should be paying attention to the pipeline.

Journalist – Water Availability and Protection in Texas

Due to climate change and human habits, Texas’ access to water is gradually entering a danger zone. Here I share some of the photos I took for our story on the water tension and debate between Texas and Mexico.

Editorial – Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

I was an editorial assistant / intern for Munaluchi Bridal Magazine, an online/digital/print magazine that caters to women of color for weddings, style, and culture. Contributing to their Travel Tuesdays series as well as their real wedding showcases, I worked as their romantic-travel-correspondent and African-music-guru.

Journalist – Oldways’ African Heritage & Health Program

Toni and Sarah integrate history, education, and cooking in a fun way that is easy to relate to and intriguing to continue.

Journalist – The Victory Grill

The Victory Grill is a historic venue in East Austin, Texas. Opened in 1945, it has hosted famous local and national blues artists, witnessed the consequences of segregation and urban gentrification, and served as a community base.