Interviews / Press

I answer questions too. Here you will find interviews and stories about me.

Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life

Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life® podcast is a place where ordinary people go to reveal their greatness. Host Loronda C. Giddens interviews ordinary people who become extraordinary when they share their greatness with the world. A conversational style format gives guests a comfortable space to share how they transformed their life to reveal their greatness.

In this episode, we spoke about my experience living in Ghana, building a business, and how living abroad enabled me to own my freedom.

Open Conversations

Hosted by Joseph-Albert Kuuire, “Open Conversations” is a podcast where Joseph and his guests have open and honest discussions about various topics including dating, religion, marriage, entertainment, and anything else that comes to mind.

In this episode, we talk about being creative in Ghana, the Parasite movie, and Ghana’s Year of Return.

Why I Write: Virtual Book Launch & Author Social

The Adventures of Pamela King is a children’s book series by Julia Montanez. In this interview series, she hosted authors, speakers, writers, and content creators to talk about their careers and answer the question “why I write.”

In this episode, we talked about my journey as a journalist and creative, the mindset around Africa, and why endless opportunities await all of us when we choose to start.

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