Editor – Africans on China

Africans on China is a platform that elevates the voice of Black people on China. It provides media and business services. The platform serves to demystify China for Africans and Africa for Chinese. I joined the team as the editor. In my role, I produce op-eds about Africa-China relations on a culture and people-to-people level, edit and curate content from writers and contributors, and work with the team to position the platform as a leading voice on Africa-China relations. Below is the content I produced.


October 2020

Entrepreneurship, Manufacturing In China, And Buying Black With Southern Gents’ Fola Lawson

September 2020

Chinese In Lesotho: The Need For Few Clashes And More Collaboration

Here’s How Africa Can Leapfrog With eCommerce And Digital Trade Like China

August 2020

Why Do Stories Of Fatherless Chinese Kids In Africa Disempower African Women?

Is China Funding The Construction Of Akon’s ‘Wakanda’ Inspired Futuristic City In Senegal?

How Can Africa Win In Rivalry Between Chinese and Western Media Domination On The Continent

Why Is Africa The Largest Rice Export Destination For China?

African Art And Artifacts Return Home Thanks To Chinese Investment

July 2020

This Is How Africa Leverages China’s $730B Belt And Road Initiative To Face Climate Change Risk

TikTok’s Future Rises In Africa As It Faces Ban Threats In US

The Surprising Way China’s TikTok Is Empowering African Artists

Does China’s $218 Million Fashion Industry Welcome African Fashion Designers?

How Black Music Is Influencing China’s $1.1 Billion Music Industry

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