How Can A Sustainable Fashion Brand Succeed

When you hear the word “sustainability,” what comes to mind? Do you roll your eyes? Or get really excited and interested? Sustainability in fashion and business continues to be a serious and trendy topic. I have found this topic becomes even more nuanced by comparing how the West is maneuvering it and how Africa lives within it. Let’s unpack that.

In this video, I share my experience in finding a balance between innovation and tradition when it comes to sustainability in fashion and business.

When it comes to innovation, there are a lot of initiatives, equipment, and materials that are being produced in the name of sustainability and eco-friendly. These are encouraging, but seem to still cater to hyper-consumerism and more stuff.

When it comes to tradition, there are handmade craftsmanship and people-focused business methods that have long-established records and provide inspiration for broader sustainable goals. But, can the heavy reliance on people outrun the environmental damage and consumer demand?

Make sure to check out the blog post over at where I elaborate further on this topic.

What are your thoughts? Share with me so we can continue the conversation.

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