Everything Makes Sense

With Accra ranking higher as one of the most expensive cities, everything makes sense.

That is why in Accra the dirt roads are made of gold dust, when it rains the city floods with diamonds, the monopolist who provides electricity keeps the price on, but the power off, and the boys on the street who get so easily agitated when I don’t pay them after they spray dirty water on my windshield pretending to clean it… actually live in mansions.

Everything makes sense. For a better life, some people in Accra take a private jet to visit colonizers to beg for “investments.” Some take economy class to visit colonizers to return with “expat salary status.” Others drown in Lampedusa to visit colonizers to work for “aid.”

Come to find out, there are more nuances than meets the eye. In the same Accra, there is a new bowling alley/fun center. Cranes are in the sky & new buildings are coming up. Detty December propaganda has already begun.

Can all of this happen in the same city? Will the movement outrun the chaos? Does the progress minimize the discrepancies? Find out next time on….kidding. This could be an entertaining show, right?

But, what do I know? I’m just a woman thinking out loud. A dangerous combination. So, let me stay in my lane, be cute, and post a photo looking cute. That is why we are here, yes? To continue the fantasy projected on the hologram of me. Because what else can we do with this knowledge?

P.S. I also wonder how interconnected we can be when multiple realities exist in this world. This past week, Ghana is grieving destructive floods, that happen at the same time every year in the same locations. This past week, Texas is grieving a mass shooting in a classroom, in a country where shootings spike every year in the same season. It is what it is. But it still does not need to be this way.

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