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How To Dress Boss Fabulous

Building a wardrobe and developing a signature style can be a lot of fun. Not only do you avoid feeling like you have nothing to wear when you look in your closet, but you also feel good in what you are wearing and add an additional outlet to express your personality.

I started developing a signature look when I was in college. I have always been drawn to elegant minimalism and funky attitudes. My wardrobe has evolved to incorporate my changing preferences in taste and comfort. Due to the constant questions about my style, shopping routine, and wardrobe pieces, I guess my little wardrobe personal project has gone well. So, to start the style segment of my blog, I want to share with you some basic tips and inspiration to build a signature wardrobe.

How To Dress Boss Fabulous via

The first thing to remember is to not aspire to fit into certain trends or expectations. Being stylish or fashionable is all about personality and self-love.

1. Create Your Style Profile

Take note of what colors, shapes, and moods resonate with you. Do you prefer a specific era of fashion or love a certain celebrity’s style? Collect images of outfits you admire, think you could wear, and would like to aspire to look like. When I was creating my style, I used magazines and saved google images on my desktop computer. Now you can use Pinterest not only to find images but to find information on how to dress for your figure depending on cut, pattern, and color.

I love bright colors, vintage cuts, chic lines, and funky attitude. My fashion icons range from Audrey Hepburn to Cleopatra Jones to Olivia Pope. I wanted my everyday look to be casual chic with a pop of personality influenced by being a southern belle and world traveler.

2. Build Your Wardrobe

Once you got an idea of what your overall look will be, it’s time to assess your closet and go shopping. It will take some time to phase out the pieces that do not fit your evolving style and replace them with items that will enhance your wardrobe. Start with statement pieces that portray your new signature style.

I started by collecting blazers, A-line and pencil skirts, chiffon or silk blouses, and cute loafers and heels. I could mix-and-match some of my old tops and accessories with my new pieces and could see which pieces in my closet I could give away. In college I shopped at Forever 21, Macy’s, TJ Maxx, and DSW as well as some thrift shopping. Now I shop at New York & Company, The Limited, DSW, Aldo, and Nordstrom Rack plus thrifting.

3. Dress Like A Boss

Now it is time to master the dress routine. As you continue to build your wardrobe, you will develop a catalog of outfits in your closet. Every piece should be able to pair with more than one other item. Experiment with color-blocking and pairing patterns. Learn how to “recycle” your clothes by mixing and accessorizing to stretch your wardrobe. I have heard some people document the items in their closet on their iPad or other electronic device. That is cool, if that works for you. Overtime I documented my closet in my mind. In the morning or while preparing for a special occasion, I look at my closet and create the outfit in my mind then pull out the pieces that work with what I imagined. Ironically this only takes a few minutes, but people usually comment on how I must wake up at 4am to get dressed. We will keep this secret to ourselves…ok?

Here are a few fashionistas I admire:

How would you describe your style profile? If I started a LookBook series on my blog, what details would you find most helpful?

3 thoughts on “How To Dress Boss Fabulous

  1. I love Style Is My Thing! She’s has awesome taste. Also, I work at ALDO and used to work at DSW (shoe lover, I know) – those shops are amazing! I enjoyed reading this post! You’re super beautiful. Sorry if I sound all over the place haha I found you via #confessionsofablackblogger and followed you on Insta & Twitter 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the compliments & comments! One day I hope to get my style photos up to the level of Style Is My Thing. I’m also a shoe lover and aspire to have one of those pretty shoe closets that are pictured on Pinterest haha. Your blog is beautiful too!

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