Vibe: Janet Jackson via

Vibe: No Sleeep by Janet Jackson

Can we talk about how much Janet Jackson is slaying her come back? I hope everyone is taking notes.

First, her debut single is an R&B-grown-and-sexy track with a catchy hook and her signature smooth style. Her, Jimmy Jam, and Terry Lewis always make a fabulous team.

Second, in the video, her look is an upgrade from “That’s The Way Love Goes.” I love her hair, love the outfit, love the plush home, and love the smooth dance moves. The sentimental tributes blend so well with the imagery that I could not help but smile while I was watching. She also made a smart move to feature J Cole on the track to connect with younger generations (who should already know who Ms. Jackson is) and bridge R&B with Hip-Hop.

Third, she has established Rhythm Nation Records to not only produce her own work but to also provide a platform for other talent.

I managed to get tickets to her Unbreakable Tour and am already putting together my Rhythm Nation outfit. Janet Jackson is such an authentic and talented queen. I really hope everything she is planning to do is successful and continues to be awesome.

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