Dagny Zenovia: How Sustainability Has Evolved In Lifestyle and Fashion

How Sustainability Has Evolved In Lifestyle and Fashion

The discussion behind the future of our lifestyle and the environment has evolved. It is fascinating to look back 5, 10, or 20 years ago and compare what we thought the future would be to what we are planning for today. The two things I notice the most is the shift in who we consider should participate in this future planning and, ironically, what we expect fashion will look like in the future.

Dagny Zenovia: How Sustainability Has Evolved In Lifestyle and Fashiondagnyzenovia_yellowjumpsuit5

I studied international affairs in college and I remember experts and colleagues arguing that so-called 3rd world countries could not be expected to leap-frog over the entitled industrial age to help save the planet. It seemed like only the 1st world power countries had the privilege to create a sustainable future and somehow only those countries would benefit from it. In spite of stories of inventions and innovation across the planet, it was not considered valued or beneficial across the board.

Dagny Zenovia: How Sustainability Has Evolved In Lifestyle and Fashiondagnyzenovia_yellowjumpsuit6_blog

Now, the opinion has shifted to claim all countries can now pay attention to the health of the planet. I am encouraged by this because I do not think you can restrict sustainability to certain regions and expect it to make a substantial impact. To illustrate this, you should check out the recent collaboration Shell did with artists from around the world: Best Day Of My Life. I will admit, the song is a little corny, but the visuals give the message that this initiative should be a global priority. It got me wondering if, as a planet, we could really come together to work towards this goal. Are not wars and poverty a bigger priority for most? or are they more of a distraction? The Shell video also made me think about how we as individuals and citizens of the world can contribute to this initiative. The conversation about climate change and clean energy should not be political. It should not only feature Leonardo DiCaprio as the sole brand ambassador. We can do more. The question is, what really makes a difference? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Regarding the future of style, it seems like it has changed with our impression of what the future holds. My introduction to the future was through the movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. The wardrobe in that movie was bright and colorful. Next, I was exposed to The Jetsons (and here is why The Jetsons still matter according to the Smithsonian). Their wardrobe was bright and colorful. Now, I am not sure if this started with Star Wars, or maybe was emphasized through The Hunger Games and Divergent, but we are anticipating a dreary future. There is no color. In all three of those series, the wardrobe sticks with a black, brown, and grey palette that is always prepared to battle aliens, demons, or evil parents. We also cannot forget the zombies.

Dagny Zenovia: How Sustainability Has Evolved In Lifestyle and Fashion

The fusion between fashion and technology is really exciting. I am not just talking about jewelry that tracks how many steps you walk. From temperature control to mini computers, we are inventing some pretty neat stuff. If you are interested in this kind of innovation, you should check out FashNerd.com. They post all about it.

Maybe with time, we will bring the color back to the future of style. Once we get all the upgrade glitches fixed, we can add bold patterns and hues to the fabric. Maybe we will not need climate-changing-body-armor or wearable weapons. This could possibly help us to not accept a dreary war-torn future, but instead take initiative in creating a bright united future.

Dagny Zenovia: How Sustainability Has Evolved In Lifestyle and Fashion

What do you think about how the sustainability narrative is evolving? What are you most hopeful for in how we contribute to a brighter future? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Wearing: Rahyma via Zuvaa jumpsuit; Michael Kors heels; Rachel Stewart earrings

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