Dagny Zenovia: Lamborghini Festival Houston 2016

Lamborghini Festival Houston: Photo Recap

The cars were polished and swanky. The weather was perfect and beautiful. I attended my first Lamborghini Festival at CityCentre in Houston and it was quite impressive. I brought my camera with me and really like how the photos came out. So, as my schedule permits, expect more photo recaps from time to time.

Dagny Zenovia: Lamborghini Festival Houston 2016Dagny Zenovia: Lamborghini Festival Houston 2016dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston2Dagny Zenovia: Lamborghini Festival Houston 2016dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston6dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston7_blogdagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston3dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston16dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston8dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston9_blogdagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston11dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston10dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston12_blogdagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston14dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston13Dagny Zenovia: Lamborghini Festival Houston 2016dagnyzenovia_lamborghinifestivalhouston15Dagny Zenovia: Lamborghini Festival Houston 2016

I did not get to sit in or drive one, but I might get to next time. Have you attended a luxury car festival? What is your favorite or dream car? Let me know in the comments below.

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