Dagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career Person

What Makes A Successful Millennial

There is a certain assumption about my generation that I do not agree with. Well, there are probably numerous assumptions, but there is one in particular I want to talk about. The notion that everyone who is between the ages of 20 and 35 are all interested in getting rich quick by being an entrepreneur. Let us take a moment to unpack that.

Dagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career PersonDagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career Person

It is true that a lot of buzz words are being thrown around to embellish reality. With hyphenated titles and fluffy online bios, I can kind of see why older generations assume we do not know what we want to do. The truth is, we are multi-talented and have more access to inspiration and resources to believe we do not have to confine our lives into a box for a 30 year pension plan. It is not that we do not know what we want to do, it is that we do not want to settle for mediocrity. There is also this great article from Quartz that speaks to this and job hopping.

Dagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career PersonDagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career Person

The entrepreneur bandwagon has over saturated the career sensation discussion. It is great that so many people have truly created something out of nothing and are being innovative with how they implement that in their business. There are a lot of digital boutiques, e-courses, and coaching sessions out there. However, this type of job is not for everyone and should not weigh more or less than the traditional professional career path. It is ok if some people are not interested in kicking the 9-5 to the curb or want to spend more time in school or want to be their own boss. Some of us can do both. Your choices should not be determined on what is most popular. There is also no need to look down on someone who chose differently than you.

dagnyzenovia_laceskirt2_blogDagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career Person

This past year I made a point to meet more people in real life. I wanted to get a better understanding of this city I am living in and where I could fit in it. I attended networking mixers, happy hours, brunchs, and work shops for creatives, law students, and just young professionals. To be honest, I was disappointed. Yes, everyone was nice. Yes, each event had a hashtag to share photos or posts with and a swag bag to take home. Still, there was something missing. The discussions were empty and the food was bland. I did not learn anything new. I got the sense everyone else attending felt the same, but still pretended to look excited for the selfie they posted to not allow their time to go to waste. It got me wondering if my standards were unrealistic. Is this really all there is to adulthood? Am I naive in expecting more? I have yet to find an answer to this, but I feel this is part of the problem. How can we successfully navigate our careers in an environment that is not promising? If you have any ideas, I would love to hear your thoughts.

dagnyzenovia_laceskirt4Dagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career Person

The key to being a successful millennial involves strategy and priorities. Regardless of which path you choose, you cannot cruise into it willy-nilly. Be strategic with your time and who you interact with. Step outside of your comfort zone and be open to opportunities. Be proactive in how you maneuver your path. The beauty of this era (as confusing as it is) is that the hustle does not have to be torture. You can create a lifestyle that benefits you and your family in a wholesome way. You can create a reality you do no want to escape from.

dagnyzenovia_laceskirt10Dagny Zenovia: What Makes A Successful Career Person

How are you navigating your career? What do you think is the key to success for our generation? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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7 thoughts on “What Makes A Successful Millennial

  1. Networking outside of millenials has been crucial for me. I love older people and they love me because I take the time to listen. They point me in the direction of resources and people who are at a point in their career to help others. Most millenials don’t have those connections.


    1. So true! More of us need to recognize this. So many miss opportunities by not taking the conversation with older co-workers, teachers, bosses, or colleagues further. It never hurts to ask. Thank you for sharing!


  2. It was a excellent written piece. For me I’m currently a writer which nowadys subsequently makes me a entrepreneur. I’m taking this path because I dont want to live as you stated a “mediocre life”. I believe everyone in our generation has the potential to be great especially if we work together. This why networking with like-minded people key.


  3. To be a successful millennial you have to have planning and patients to be. This world is tough this world is hard but someone with more knowledge and resources and I thought planning and patience to wait it out will be successful.


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