Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Custom Clothier

Mensmerize: Houston Custom Clothier

As long as you have your suit and tie, you can show many people a few things. A tailored suit sharpens anyone’s persona, but do you know what goes into finding a custom suit that fits you? I had the pleasure of going behind-the-scenes with Mensmerize to bring you details about the process and tips for your style.

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke

Mensmerize, founded by Alex Dawotola, is a new men’s custom clothier in Houston near Highway 6. As you step into Mensmerize, you are met with the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, and Otis Redding. A chill and sophisticated clothier set up to provide quality collaboration and style. I met with David Rochez, Mensmerize image consultant. He showed me the many customization options a potential client has from buttons to collars to fabrics.

“The thing that people sometimes don’t understand about bespoke is that it’s all for you, your body frame, your body structure. With bespoke it’s all customization. Whatever you want to do we can do it.” – David Rochez

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke

Bespoke means “custom-made” or “made to order.” (Learn something new everyday) Regardless of what stye you are looking for, the options they offer can fit your needs and inspire new looks. Now, let’s get into the process of custom suiting.

First, the measurements: depending on what you are ordering, David will have you try on a button down shirt, jacket, and pants to determine the fit you are looking for. He then uses a tape measure to get your exact measurements. A conversation results discussing the length of the shirt, fit of the jacket, and other things depending on what you are looking for.

“It all depends on the fit. If it’s a business suit, you want it to be not too tight and not too loose. If you are more fashionable, you want the crop legs, show more cuff of the shirt, and be a little more fitted. We know fashion, that’s what we do. So there are always two different kinds of customers.” – David Rochez

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston BespokeDagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke

Second, the fabric: there is no limit on color, feel, and weight plus endless combinations to make.

“Since I’m the image consultant I  can narrow their choices to what would work for them. I can show them the main colors for fall or cuts for suits as a starting point.” – David Rochez

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke

Third, customization: from stitching to inner lining to felt accents, this probably would be my favorite part of the process. You can add so much personality to a suit.

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke

The whole process takes about an hour to an hour and a half, which can be done at Mensmerize or David can travel to your office or home. It really adds a more intimate and wholesome side to shopping for your wardrobe.

To add to this exclusive behind-the-scenes scoop, David also shared some tips for fall men’s fashion. Since we do not usually have a cold fall season in Houston, pay attention to the weight of the fabric you choose to wear to avoid sweating. If you don’t want to wear a jacket, you can wear a vest or waist coat to accessorize your outfit.

Mensmerize is currently offering a 20% discount for all clients during October. Check out their work, make an appointment, and sharpen your wardrobe.

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Bespoke

Have you ever ordered a bespoke or custom suit? What are you planning to add to your closet this fall?

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