Dagny Zenovia: A Safe Space for Students - 15 Years of No Place for Hate in Houston

A Safe Space For Students: 15 Years of No Place for Hate in Houston

I believe the children are our future and I’m sure you do as well. Since children spend the majority of their day in school, a school’s curriculum and environment influences their development and our future. With the increase in school’s security, state testing, and in some subjects or activities reduced funding, I sometimes wonder if…

Dagny Zenovia: My Style + My City: Houston

My Style + My City: Houston

Style is not just about clothing and trends. It is a form of self-expression influenced by many factors…some we might not be aware of. For instance, how does your location affect your style? I am not only talking about what you pack for a trip. The city you live in holds so many nuances to…

Dagny Zenovia: Mensmerize Houston Custom Clothier

Mensmerize: Houston Custom Clothier

As long as you have your suit and tie, you can show many people a few things. A tailored suit sharpens anyone’s persona, but do you know what goes into finding a custom suit that fits you? I had the pleasure of going behind-the-scenes with Mensmerize to bring you details about the process and tips…