Why Hidden Figures Is The Ultimate Hero

“Every time we have a chance to get ahead, they move the finish line. Every time.” – Mary Jackson played by Janelle Monáe

First and foremost, the movie “Hidden Figures” spoke to me on so many levels. If you have yet to see it, you are possibly missing out on one of the most inspiring and uplifting films in a very long time. In my humble opinion, of course. Since there were so many lessons about strength, community, and success to pick up from the film, I figured it was only right to share them with you.

Dagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden FiguresDagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden Figures

In the film, Dorothy Vaughn, Mary Jackson, and Katherine Johnson, the main characters, all showcase different aspects of strength. Like the quote I shared above, these women got ahead of the finish line on their own terms. Dorothy, Mary, and Katherine were “computers” at NASA, meaning they calculated formulas and data for the space program. Now, I do not want to spoil the movie for you and re-tell the entire story. So, take the gaps of context as inspiration to watch the movie if you have yet to. All three women fought against obstacles in their careers in a way that was so classy and confident. Dorothy took initiative to teach herself how to program a new machine and chose to bring her whole group of “computers” up to a new level instead of leaving them behind. Mary refused to take “no” as an answer and persuaded the legal and political system to work for her. Katherine had her work speak for itself and pushed for a seat at the table. Their strength, individually and collectively, was supported by a kind of determination we can learn from.

dagny-zenovia-jord-frankie-zebrawood-navy-watch-b-9Dagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden FiguresDagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden Figures

With all the issues swirling through our news feed and newspapers, the increasing interest in activism will always need guidance. There is not one way to solve these issues. That is why all aspects of strength are needed to make a difference. The goal or direction should be guided by the notion that either we all win or nobody wins. That progresses the discussion to clarify what winning means. Is it justice? A conviction? A ban? An apology? Could it be all of the above? That is on a grand scale, but what about individually or personally. What would winning mean to you? How will your fight lead to your win?

Dagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden FiguresDagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden FiguresDagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden Figures

I feel the film was directed and written very well. Instead of primarily focusing on racism or negative experiences, the film emphasized what the three women achieved to enhance that nation’s goal to launch into space. In spite of the struggle (and we all know the struggle was real), they proved America’s success, which in this case was the race for space exploration, needed to include and benefit everyone. In that regard, it is a story that is accessible to all people. As important as it is to be informed with all aspects of history, stories about slavery, apartheid, Jim Crowe, etc tend to be appreciated only by certain groups and are bypassed by those who feel we need to “move on.” The film “Hidden Figures” bridges all of those groups with one goal: collective victory. Even though some parts of the film are fiction, it still gets that message across.

dagny-zenovia-jord-frankie-zebrawood-navy-watch-b-1Dagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden FiguresDagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden Figures

What would collective victory look like today? How can we get all groups to recognize the value of each other? These are not easy solutions and are possibly more difficult than what Dorothy, Mary, and Katherine experienced. The struggle is not the same for everyone. It is a delicate balance between advocating for equality and not imposing your opinions on how others should feel. The key is to keep the bigger picture in focus.

dagny-zenovia-jord-frankie-zebrawood-navy-watch-b-4Dagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden Figures

The story teaches us that perseverance and resilience need to be supported by community. From family, to neighbors, to church, to work, there was a solid connection between the community Dorothy, Mary, and Katherine came from. They cheered for and supported each other. They stood up for each other. We need more of that today. We need to care more for each other, not to get something out of it, but really for the sake of caring.

Dagny Zenovia Blazer Skirt Hidden Figuresdagny-zenovia-jord-frankie-zebrawood-navy-watch-b-16

Well, all in all, I loved the movie. Have you seen “Hidden Figures” yet? What resonated with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Why Hidden Figures Is The Ultimate Hero

  1. First and foremost, I love the colors and sophistication of this outfit!

    Secondly, I actually just watched Hidden Figures last week. Their obstacles truly made my heart break. I mean, I was literally crying at 2 AM. BUT, I also was inspired by their perseverance and resilience despite their circumstances. Dorothy really handled each disappointment with grace and she stood up for herself at a crucial moment! It showed that silence doesn’t mean a lack of strength. Mary overcame the fear of being disappointed, which I needed as a reminder! And Katherine, man I love how she realized that the times were changing, and she made a point to get ahed of the curve plus make sure her girls were with her too. It’s such a great movie, one that I will watch several times!


    1. Thank you! Yes, Hidden Figures really showcased so many sides of women’s strength. I’m definitely adding the DVD to my collection once it comes out. Hopefully, with the amount of success this film had, we will see more stories like this on the big screen.

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      1. Agreed! I’m still shocked that this was never in any history book I had in school. I hope more truth comes to light!

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