What Prince and his Purple Badness Taught Us

For me, Prince passing felt like the world had lost a lot of magic. I could not bring myself to write anything about him. It takes a while for reality to sink in. With all the information, videos, and rumors that resurfaced, I want to focus on what we all can learn from Prince. He taught us to be unapologetic with our brilliance. That is a lot to unpack. Let’s try. Shall we?


Create and protect your work and your luck

We all know about the fall out between Prince and Warner Brothers plus the impact Prince business decisions made on the music industry at large. Not only did he stand up for himself, but he reached out to others to provide an alternative for artists to conduct business on their terms. He created all of his work and made huge efforts to protect all of it. Self-made success is not easy, but I would argue it is the most rewarding. This applies to every aspect of life, from your career to your family to your health. Create your reality and your luck. Build your opportunities and protect the results. Always remember the hard work pays off, regardless of how long or difficult it feels.


Only compete with yourself

Prince was an ultimate boss at throwing shade. When you are about your business and comfortable in your own skin, no one can touch you. I don’t mean you should up your shade game, but keep your priorities straight. The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Focus on being better than who you were yesterday. Push yourself to dream bigger and reach higher. Take time to master your craft. Most of us are pretty good at a lot of different things. That is cool to keep you occupied, but if you want to capitalize on your skills, you need to be a boss at it. Only then can you throw shade that people will respect.


Don’t be a slave to time

For some reason I viewed Prince as immortal. As if death was beneath him. In a few of his interviews that have resurfaced on YouTube, he mentions a number of times that he does not believe in time or reminiscing. Now, we might not be able to completely dedicate our lives to a no-time-zone due to deadlines, jobs, and bills, but we can still learn something from this. We tend to complain that we do not have enough time. We make excuses for it never being the right time. We race against time. I think we could be happier and more productive if we do not accept being a slave to time. We can make time work for us. Pay attention to how you are using it. Are you allowing others to waste it? What consumes it? Are you being intentional with it? You would be surprised how much time-baggage you could let go.


Bring magic to the world

I really appreciate and respect Prince for all of the gifts he shared with us. He understood his purpose and lived it to the fullest. Is it just me, or does it feel like 2016 is not playing? We have lost so many greats this year. No one can take their place, but that void should not be left empty. I believe passion is the key to bring magic back into the world. Passion for life, equality, love, and connection taken to a cosmic level. We should all strive to recognize and master our gifts to share them with our community.


What did you learn from Prince or any of the greats we lost this year? Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “What Prince and his Purple Badness Taught Us

    1. Hi Janet. So true. My life soundtrack includes a lot of the greats too. I read your post. Beautiful story. Thank you for sharing your experience. I saw Prince live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 2013. He did a rock set with his 3rd Eye Girl band. It was also transforming. He gave us so many cherished memories.

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