How To Stop Blocking Yourself

As we continue this journey to strive for our best and better ourselves, there are some challenges that take time to solve. One is self-sabotage. I don’t mean setting up traps for yourself like Tom and Jerry. I am talking about those habits we don’t notice. Those reflexes that kick into gear before you can catch them.


One of those habits is a form of self-defense. We all have been hurt, disappointed, or betrayed at different points in our life. Those types of scars sometimes refuse to heal. Your capacity to trust shrinks and your guard thickens. It gets harder to distinguish between friend and foe, so you keep everyone at a distance. It is not paranoia, but more a shield of protection. The problem with these kinds of scars is that they block you from meeting great new people and receiving new opportunities. Let’s work on that.


Heal and Forgive

Subconsciously and directly, we suppress a lot of emotions. We might not consider it holding a grudge. We might believe we have mastered pushing past them. This is not healthy because it keeps you feeling disappointed all the time. Take the time to heal emotionally and spiritually. Fully forgive yourself. I don’t mean to track down that mean kid from elementary school to tell them you forgive them. I also don’t mean to continue blaming others for everything that has not worked out for you. Forgive yourself to clear your plate. Accept your past, nurture your present, and embrace your future.


Expand Your Comfort Zone

Removing the blocks around you requires some risk. It will not feel comfortable. You may never be fully certain if you are making the right decisions. That is the point. This kind of risk will provide lessons and challenges that will enhance your life more than you could ever imagine. Create an environment that pushes you to interact with new people and experiences.


Practice and Initiate

The only way to truly remove these blocks is to re-align your lifestyle. This is not a mission to reach a certain weight, tax bracket, or grade. The plan should be to maintain this mindset forever. Thus, we cannot take a passive approach. Initiate dialogue with yourself and others to practice healing and reaching beyond your comfort zone. Take note of what triggers hurtful memories and guarded reactions. Make a point to not push past your emotions, but sit with them. Learn from those emotions to enable you to move on.


What can you do today to stop blocking yourself? Let me know in the comments below. Also, remember to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. I would love to hear from you.

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14 thoughts on “How To Stop Blocking Yourself

  1. Wonderful and inspiring post. I love the outfits and background too. Self sabotage is more widespread than most people think. It is the silent killer of dreams and it creeps up on you with no identifiable symptoms. We have to cultivate insight about our own emotions and how they affect our ability to thrive.


  2. This is a great topic. A lot of us struggle with self sabatoge. It takes courage and determination to step out of those comfort zones. Also we need to learn to love ourselves.


  3. What a GREAT message. I often feel that I’m my own worst enemy. It’s hard for me to let go of things that happened in my past and my anxious about doing things in the future.


  4. Such a great post. Sometimes it’s so hard for me to get out of my comfort zone, but it’s usually just the thing I need to become a better me.


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