Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

I am willing to admit that I am looking for a husband. So, if you know of any on sale, please let me know. Ha, kidding. No, but really. Ok, moving on. This post is not about glorifying being single. There is nothing glorious about being alone. Instead, I am sharing five ways you can work on yourself to be a better future spouse. Marriage is not only about love, but also friendship and support. You need to bring more to the table than dreams and baggage. That is where this list comes in.

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

This list is not exhaustive nor is it organized in any particular order:

1. Enhance your home

You can tell a lot about a person in the way they maintain their living space. I am not only talking about how clean it is, but also how it is decorated and organized. What is hanging on the walls? Is there anything on the walls? Are there any walls? Take time to enjoy expressing your personality and taste through home decor. This is not only to show off to others, but also make you feel more comfortable and relaxed at home.

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

2. Be a host or hostess

Hosting an event is a great way to develop skills in socializing, organizing, and entertaining. Being the go-to person to connect others to new friends and opportunities is also a plus. Be creative with what type of events you want to host. It can be a mixer, workshop, picnic, service, etc. Connect and enhance your community. Build a team and practice being a team player and leader. Learn how to encourage others to have fun.

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

3. Try new things

Explore your world and expand your mind. When you are learning about something you love, you tend to glow when you are working at it and talking about it. This keeps life interesting. Those who are close to me know that I am always tinkering with a new project or skill. It gives me something to look forward to and an opportunity to interact with more people. Take time to explore your city and pick up new hobbies. Also, be open to share these new experiences with others.

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

4. Learn how to cook

This goes for your own nourishment as well as your family and friends. Figure out what works for you so that cooking does not feel like a chore. Create your signature dish. When I went vegetarian a few years ago, I decided I was going to make delicious vegetarian meals and vegetable sides my “thing.” I wanted to master healthy meals mixed with my love for spices. I also enjoy decorating the dining table and serving plates. My desire for cooking was not determined by wanting to be an eligible wife, but by my preference to eat good food.

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

5. Prepare a boss life

Keep your finances in order. Plan for investments. Aspire and acquire a career instead of a job. Volunteer in your community. Exercise and eat well. Take care of your mind, body, and soul. Listen and communicate more. Nurture your family and friends. I like to think of marriage as a partnership to take over the world. Two people decide to be together to enhance their potential individually and collectively. To create a boss life together.

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

Dagny Zenovia: 5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

Regardless if you are interested in the traditional, modern, or futuristic idea of marriage, I hope this list helps continue your journey to a lovely life. What else would you add to the list? If you are married, have any of these helped?

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7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Become Marriage Material

  1. If I may, I’ll add this – learn to say no.

    When I was in the dating phase (before the existence of eHarmony or Match), I’d say yes to anyone who asked me out because I was afraid I might be missing out on what could potentially be the meeting of soulmates. And that was wrong. I didn’t have to say yes to the “gentleman” who proclaimed, in advance, that he’d be paying and that I didn’t have to worry my pretty little head about where we’d be dining. Neither did I have to say yes to a second date with the guy who laughed when I said I worked in PR and called it Pure Rubbish.

    A lot of this is tied-in with the concept of self-worth. It’s quite alright to be picky. What some may perceive as superficial are, to us, standards, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting standards. It displays a level of self-love that translates into the sort of mate we attract, afterall, like begets like, and, ultimately, sets the tone for what we deem as marriage material 🙂 in other words, don’t sell yourself short, recognise what you deserve, and learn to say no xoxo


    1. Thank you for your insight Sheela. I agree with you that no one should feel ashamed about having high standards. Relationships balance so many nuances, it is always best to reduce any complications. Appreciate your comment.


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