Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires A Move For Change

What Inspires A Move For Change

With the internet, you can find inspiration everywhere. From stories to classes, there is something to keep all of us entertained or enlightened. Through self-publishing and social media, so many brilliant ideas are slipping past barriers and amplifying their voices. I see this as a movement of sorts. A move for change, awareness, and responsibility.

Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change

One of the many things I want my blog/platform to provide is a supportive space for other creatives, innovators, and leaders. I am inspired everyday by people and projects I come across on social media because they illustrate how to effectively enhance a movement. From documentaries to community programs to merchandise, we have amazing people pushing beyond a hashtag or march. They are building a legacy. It is important for any movement to live past the hype. To survive the trends, it takes dedication and strategy to maintain clear priorities but also evolve with the issues.

Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change

I want to share with you some of the projects I have seen recently that inspired this post. Initially, I was going to write about the discrepancies I have observed within social justice movements today (which I might still reflect on in a later post), but after reading and watching these projects, I have hope that we are moving in the right direction.

Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change

Amani Yahya is Yemen’s first female rapper and recently did a project shedding light on women’s rights.

The Dinner Table Doc is a documentary and community initiative to change the narrative and images of women of color in the media. The director went to Agnes Scott College (which I went to my freshmen year…so we are half scottie sisters!) and she is building a really important platform.

Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change

Did you know there is an afro-mexican community in Mexico? Do you know why Black History Month should exist in Mexico? Check this video from Plumas Atómicas.

The Invention of E.J. Whitaker is an upcoming indie comic book about a woman of color who invents a flying machine in 1901. I am excited to read this adventure once they publish it.

Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change

My Creative Connection is a blog that shares stories, resources, and advice to help creatives build their network and achieve their dreams. Their twitter chat #blkcreatives is one of the most encouraging social media experiences.

Revolt TV did an excellent documentary about Women DJs around the world who are making an impact on dance culture.


Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change

An article reflecting on identity and violence as a first-generation American, this is a discussion I know too well and appreciate more voices bringing light to.

Dagny Zenovia: What Inspires a Move for Change


This movement is not about pointing fingers or excluding others. It is about being unapologetically authentic and aware of the importance of your influence. What has inspired you recently? What projects would you add to this list?

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