Pompadour Updo

Looking for some protective styles and spring fashion ideas? Since it is so beautiful outside this weekend…in Texas… I put together a Southern Belle look with pops of color and fun.

For the hair, you only need bobby pins. The amount of bobby pins depends on the length of your hair and density of your texture. I used 12. If you have thick natural hair like me, moisturize your hair as you would to prep for a protective style. If your hair is wavy or straight, you might want to add hair spray or a flexi rod. The pompadour has been my signature style since my hair passed the medium-afro-phase. With inspiration from Ella Fitzgerald and Janelle Monáe, I wanted to adapt the lady sings the blues / rock n roll diva in a way that did not need straightening and could protect my ends. With practice, you can play with the height and shape of the pompadour by twisting it in different directions.


For the style, spring season is the time to indulge in bright colors and light fabrics. If you are already enjoying warmer weather, you can rock a pencil or a-line skirt with loafers or a maxi skirt with sandals. If your location is still bipolar, you can pair a light blouse with a blazer and a scarf. The layering will give you freedom to adjust with the temperature.

Top & Blazer: Forever 21 | Jeans: New York & Company | Skirt: J. Crew



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