Girl Power Remix

I noticed this Girl Power TAG video chain on youtube and felt I needed to expand on it’s meaning. It started with Seventeen Magazine interviewing teen celebrities to share inspiration and confidence to their readers. I think it is a nice initiative and I wanted to contribute to the conversation. Here is my Girl Power Remix.

1. What does Girl Power mean to you?

Powerpuff Girls

Girl power means embracing our gifts and responsibilities that come with being a queen. We naturally have powers to nurture, uplift, support, protect, inspire, grace, seduce, love, build, and the list goes on. We are responsible to not only accept and strengthen our gifts but also share and contribute them to society.

2. What is the best advice you can give to girls who want to be powerful?

Supergirl and Batgirl

There are two aspects of being powerful. First, self-worth, confidence, and determination. Refusing to conform to what society claims what your role in life should be. Measuring your value deeper then the surface. Standing up and speaking out for what you believe in. Second, being inclusive. Not hating on other girls or women who are different from you, having struggles, or are victims of rumors. Not excluding boys or men just because they are a different gender. I believe the key to solving the issues in our society is being a unified community. We cannot do that if we segregate ourselves along gender lines. We are stronger together.

3. If you could have any super power, what would it be and how would you use it?


I would like to have ultimate mind power to move objects with my mind and be able to communicate with animals, plants, and all the elements on Earth. I want to help everyone and thing on this planet to coexist without taking advantage or destroying each other.

4. Show your best Girl Power pose.

Dagny Zenovia

This photo was taken in 2011 when I did the “big chop” to go natural. I felt very powerful starting that new chapter in my life. It is amazing what a new hair style can do. Check out my previous blog to learn about my hair journey.

5. What beauty product makes you feel powerful?


I would like to change this question to “what thing” because I feel we need to expand on what girls can use as a resource of power. Beauty products can be fun to play with and can be helpful in maintaing healthy looks, but I also feel we should encourage youth to use their imagination to build their inner strength. There are a variety of things that make me feel powerful depending on my mood, but I will share two of them here. First, knowledge – the access to explore it and the freedom to share it. As Queen Latifah once said, “no one can put a padlock on your mind.” Second, my glasses. I started wearing glasses when I was 16 months old. Traditionally, glasses are considered a weakness since without them, the person is possibly blind. However, mine give me the power to see clearly, act as a shield against any elements flying in the wind, and has a certain influence on people to stay-on-their-toes since my magnified eyes give the illusion of looking into their souls. Granted, sometimes I wonder if it is only the guilty who tend to feel paranoid…but I digress.

6. Why is it important to have Power Girls as role models?

Sailor Scouts

Having powerful people of all kinds as role models allows us to use our imagination and believe that we can be whomever we want to be. I think it is important to expand on what we define as a powerful person, because not all heroes wear a cape or are featured on front page news. It also inspires us to push the bar further and take on dreams that are just as risky or unconventional.

7. What young up and comer do you think is powerful and why?

If you watch my video above, I included a collage of a number of young individuals whom I think we all should encourage and celebrate. This includes: Malala Yousafzai, De’Juan Correia, Leah BooherGabrielle DouglasBrian LintonChristopher YaoErica Williams SimonDylan Mahalingam. There are countless others on the front lines and behind-the-scenes making a difference.

Additionally, I want to mention what I appreciate about powerful people. We tend to think those who are featured in Forbes or Time Magazine are the only powerful people. I believe you reading this is powerful and I think we do not articulate our appreciation for each other enough.

To my fellow Queens and Princesses, I appreciate your strength in smiling every day, caring for each other, and refusing to conform to what society claims you should be and continuing to build a united community. I appreciate your intelligence, resilience, and talent in juggling all of your numerous roles and responsibilities. I appreciate everything you teach us. Thank you and keep it up!

To my fellow Kings and Princes, I appreciate your strength in lifting the heavier weight, constantly striving to be the better man you want to be, and your courage in helping to build a united community. I appreciate your intelligence, determination, and talent in juggling all of your responsibilities. I appreciate everything you teach us. Thank you and keep it up!

I hope you enjoyed the clip and the entertaining pictures. I would love to know what makes you feel powerful. Remember to subscribe to my youtube channel for new videos every weekend.

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