What Do I Do With These Apologies

I get a bit personal and vulnerable with you in this video. Heads up, if you’re not in the heart space to hear sadness, you may want to save this for later. If you are ok, you may want to grab some tissues.

Summertime is here! That means (among other things) we are one year out of the “era” that felt like the world was on fire through protests, murders, arrests, awareness, and a whole lot of noise. Can we reflect on what has been accomplished since that time? Instead of discussing this broadly, I’m taking it personally.

In this post, I share with you my experience receiving messages/apologies influenced by the “era,” how kindness and meanness have influenced my life, and what I hope all of this means in the future. This is part of my story (not all of my story is sad). I felt called to share this because someone needed to hear it to encourage them to keep going. To reassure them they are loved. To remind them they are heading in the right direction. So, this is not solely about me. It’s deeper than that.

I am encouraged, but we still have a long way to go.

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