My Fun Day in Accra: Dance + Paint +Journal with Roxanne at Eleven15

Let’s go outside and have fun. In this post, I take you with me to dance and paint with Roxanne at Elevent15 Restaurant / Lounge.

This event was hosted by Roxanne, who is the founder of Dance 4 Mental Health. She is a life coach who produces content to demystify mental health and hosts activities to uplift mental health. During this event, we did some dancing, journaling, and painting.

This was also my first time at Eleven15 Restaurant and Lounge. It is located in East Legon and is a really nice spot to enjoy the outdoors and colorful art. They also host different activities.

We started with a short Kizomba dance. I look forward to dancing more next time.

Part of the event included a writing exercise where we wrote about what pivotal moment has happened in our lives recently and what beliefs and consequences came out of that. We read each out loud anonymously.

Overall, the main feeling in the group was deep frustration. There has been a disruption in important parts of their lives within the past year and things are not looking up. It was beautiful to be part of this circle as we shared encouragement and insight.

This reminded me of how the heaviness we are carrying from last year has yet to be released. Rather, it’s being further compounded with the continued heaviness of this year.

For what it’s worth, to those who feel this way and are keeping it bottled up inside, I want you to know I feel it too. This time last year I was also frustrated and sad. Maybe it was a good thing I had to stay home. I cried a lot. But, as time passed, I felt like my tears were part of a transformation. Like, you know how a butterfly turns into a butterfly? It’s not a pleasant experience, but the destination is beautiful.

Just like the butterfly, no one can fix you or take action for you. I made a pivot, took action, and surrendered. Released my grip on control or what I thought was right. Fast forward now, I’m not crying as much and I’m balancing different frustrations. Life happens for you. These waves of feelings happen for you. The growth will happen for you if you take action and surrender. If you can do it alone, go for it. If you can’t, please reach out to the right people.

Take care of yourself. You are worthy.

Lastly, we painted a ballerina dancing. It was nice to see how we all customized our ballerinas at the end.

I enjoyed spending time outside and meeting a lovely group of new people.

Would you attend this type of event? What kind of activities would you like to see more of in Accra and Ghana? Share with me in the comments.

Also, remember to connect with me. I love hearing from you.

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