Dagny Zenovia Order Glasses Online Vint York Voogue Me UBlins Eyewear Review

My First Time Buying Glasses Online

For the first time in my entire life, I ordered glasses frames online. I loved what I got so much, I felt the need to share them with you. In this video, I share details about the frames and how I found them.

Now, let’s talk about these fabulous glasses. As you may now know, I have been wearing glasses all my life. Due to that, glasses have always been more of a utility. Growing up. my prescription evolved to be quite thick. Thus, back then, frames were not designed as jewelry and there was a limit to the style one can use with a thick prescription. Now, thanks to technology and fashion, there are more choices. The red frames you see me in now have been on my face for about 6 years. So, I have been itching for about a year and a half now for new frames, but had yet to find any in stores that catered to my personality. Thanks to now having extra time at home, I made it a project and treat for myself to explore different online eyewear stores.

First, Vint & York creates “eyewear for the modern nostalgic.” They take vintage trends to design stylish frames.

This is “Ella.” I chose the pink design and absolutely love them. Do you see the engraved details? They are elegant and edgy as well as discreet. The vintage design reminds me of My Fair Lady. They feel light weight on my face and are really comfortable.

Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 10Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 1Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 9Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 7Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 8Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 2Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 0Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 3Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 4Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 5Dagny Zenovia Vint York Ella 6

This is “Zelda 2.” I chose the Belize Blue design and really love them. The design reminds me of African print and Vibranium. They are bold and sophisticated. This design reminds me of Afrofuturism. In terms of size, this might be the biggest in my history of eyewear. But, due to the design, I like that it does not swallow my face. Rather, it still accentuates my eyes. They also feel light weight and comfortable.

Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 6Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 2Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 4Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 5Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 1Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 3Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 0Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 7Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 8Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 9Dagny Zenovia Vint York Zelda 10

Next, Voogue Me tag line is “born to be unique.” They have a variety of styles that are classic, bold, and trendy.

This is “Eleni.” I chose the orange design. It reminds me of blaxploitation movies, like Cleopatra Jones, and R&B music in the early 2000s, like “Dip it Low” by Christina Milian or “Call on Me” by Janet Jackson. It also makes me think of anime. I really love this design. It is bold and funky. They are also light weight and feel good quality.

Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 7Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 1Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 4Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 2Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 0Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 3Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 5Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Eleni 6

This is “Sydney.” I chose the black and white design. It reminds me of the Hollywood Glamour era with Audrey Hepburn, Eartha Kitt, and Dorothy Dandridge. I love this design’s twist on the cat eye shape. It is elegant and retro. They also feel good quality.

Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 10Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 3Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 9Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 0Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 6Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 2Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 4Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 5Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 7Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 8Dagny Zenovia Voogue Me Sydney 1

Finally, UBlins provides a variety of eyewear frames that are good quality and affordable.

This is “Anna.” I chose the black design and tortoise design. They both have a professional feel with personality. Elegant and discreetly edgy with the gold accents and cut-out on the sides. They are light weight and feel comfortable.

Dagny Zenovia UBLins Anna Black 8Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 3Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 2Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 0Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 4Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 5Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 7Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 6Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Black 1

Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 6Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 0Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 1Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 2Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 3Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 4Dagny Zenovia UBlins Anna Tortoise 5

Overall, I am so pleased with my purchases. This was my first time hearing about any of these companies and I am really glad my online search lead me to them. I am really glad to see how eyewear design continues to evolve. It is encouraging to have so many options to choose from, if you take the time to search for them.  Also, creating mini-lookbooks for each frame was a lot of fun.

Which eyewear design is your favorite? Which look was your favorite? Share with me in the comments.

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