What Jason Bourne Teaches Us

What did you want to be when you grew up? At first, I wanted to be a mad scientist, like Dexter’s Laboratory. Then I wanted to be a secret agent, like the Famous Jett Jackson. That dream stuck with me as I watched Cleopatra Jones, James Bond, Jonny Quest, and, of course, Jason Bourne. I loved the gadgets, adventure, wardrobe, and mystery…minus the killing. After watching the recent Jason Bourne movie, I started thinking about how the character’s struggles and victories can be applied to “civilian” life.

Dagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches Us

We need to do our own research. Even though we have wider access to information, we tend to be lazy using that access. I am sure there are plenty of people like me who read beyond headlines, but there are also plenty of people who stop at a meme or soundbite. In every movie, Jason Bourne has taught us the importance of doing our own research. You cannot always take other people’s word for it. You cannot always assume the door is locked just because there is a line waiting outside. Be aware of your surroundings, physically and virtually.

Dagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches UsDagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches Us

It is helpful to maintain barriers. Like all secret agents, Jason Bourne does have trust issues. It is easy to see why that is the case for him, but sometimes it is surprising to realize how life can jade us. We all pick up scars along this journey of life, but the key to surviving is maintaining healthy barriers. You can be picky about who you share your time and love with. You should also be open to forgive and move on.

Dagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches Us

Can we truly accept who we are? One thing I felt was lacking in the Jason Bourne movie was his quest to find who he is. It seemed as if he never got a real answer. Nonetheless, that quest to find our purpose and identity is not just about playing a scavenger hunt. It is also about deep reflection. With and without the job, friends, car, or filters, who are you? Can you embrace every part of you? I think this quest is not only about looking for answers, but also about expanding and enhancing what we seek. You really have to be honest, sometimes brutally honest, with yourself before you can make any meaningful progress.

Dagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches UsDagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches Us

Now, I know you might not have thought of any of these things while watching any of the Bourne movies, but that is why I am here. I hope you found this helpful. Life is about keeping your eyes open. There are stories and lessons everywhere.

I also must commend the Bourne team for producing a movie that was timely and relevant regarding virtual reality and internet security. Clever move.

Dagny Zenovia: What Jason Bourne Teaches Usdagnyzenovia_coraldress5

What do you think of the Bourne movies? What did you want to be when you grew up?

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2 thoughts on “What Jason Bourne Teaches Us

  1. First and foremost, I LOVE this dress. You know I love your style period, but this dress is just doing it for me. I’m a movie guy and I love the way you spun Jason’s story into something tangible and that made sense. I agree with having barriers and researching about the things and not being lazy about it. GREAT point about finding yourself, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who just skips to the comments, but this post was so on time and needed. Great work here!


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