Is Your Purpose Discovered or Created

Purpose. The mystery behind the meaning of our lives. The source of all the hustle, grind, and “werk.” Do you find or create your purpose? Does the difference in your perspective influence how you reach your purpose? I think it can, but both perspectives have its advantages.


When you believe your purpose is something to discover, your focus is solely on the search. You might experiment with a variety of directions, thinking something should eventually “click.” On the one hand, depending on your search strategy, this can lead to more options and experience. You might travel, work different jobs, and study various subjects during your search. If you are lucky, everything will fall into place in a timely fashion. However, like Captain Jack Sparrow, you might not be satisfied with what you find in that treasure chest.


The key to the purpose hunt is to be open to adjusting. We grow, our preferences evolve, and our journey shifts. When this happens, it is easy to feel uncomfortable and anxious. You might think this process is a sign of failure or confusion. It’s not. if you keep your eyes open, you will see your growing pains as guide posts. This shift is leading you on the right path for you.


When you believe your purpose is something to create, your focus is on the work. You might research and study to be clear on what exactly you want to accomplish, thinking only one thing can satisfy your goal. You take the initiative to make something out of nothing. Every obstacle or disappointment is seen as an opportunity to enhance what you are building. What if your creation is not supported?


Creating your purpose requires encouragement from within. You have to be your biggest cheerleader and backup crew. Since this is your own special path, there might not be much guidance or advice to follow. To avoid feeling lost, you have to be in tune with your heart and your gut. If what you’re working on does not make you feel fulfilled and content, it is not worthy of your time.


I think we all have a combination of both perspectives. We search for clarity and guidance to understand why we exist and what we should contribute. We create experiences and opportunities to fulfill our existence. Before, I felt uncomfortable with the adjustment and frustrated with the lack of guidance. Now, I have learned how to be more accepting with my present. Instead of dwelling on the past or stifling the future, I set realistic goals to fade my worries. It takes time, but the best step towards fulfilling your purpose is believing in yourself.

Do you think we create or discover our purpose? What are you doing to get closer to your purpose? Let me know in the comments below. Also, remember to connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. I would love to hear from you.

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