This Will Be The Best Summer Madness

Summer summer time. Time to sit back and unwind. We are all looking forward to spending more time outside, seeing more friends, and having a good time. Some of us might have plans to make this the best summer yet. Actually, we all should. Regardless if you are on a full vacation or will only take a few weekends off, you should be intentional in how you use your summer. Here are some tips to do that.


Plan a project

This can be short-term and/or long-term. Have you been longing to re-design your living room? Expand your garden? Upgrade your business? Change your hair? Now is the time to do it. When I am planning a project, I write my ideas down, then elaborate with a google doc and pinterest board…any possibly some YouTube videos. Planning can be as fun as implementing your idea.



Beyond getting “snatched” for the summer, pay attention to your mind, body, and soul. What are you doing to stimulate your curiosity and imagination? Every summer I collect a few books to add to my library and entertain my mood. I also tend to get new-found inspiration for my blog or creative projects during the summer. Take advantage of the weather and shift some of your exercise routine outside. Check in with your health. I don’t believe in diets. Eating should always be enjoyable. Being deprived never feels pleasant. Looking healthy comes in a variety of sizes. Stick to what works for you and what foods help you be your version of healthy. Check in with your emotions. Are you stressed? Disappointed? Unpack those feelings, talk to friends and family, seek guidance from your higher beliefs. In the summer, the sun should not only shine outside, but also in your heart.



Whether it is planned or spontaneous, take time to travel. It can be a stay-cation at a local hotel, a road trip to a festival, a cruise to the Islands, or an international flight. I am planning a few road trips and look forward to sharing photos and stories with you about them. Sometimes I do get cold feet with the uncertainty of what might happen on trips to new places, but that is the beauty of exploring. Expand your horizons. Enjoy new sounds, smells, and textures. Live in the moment, regardless of how short or long it is. Most importantly, make memories to cherish.



This is not a “no new friends” zone. Spend time with family and friends this summer, but also step out of your comfort zone to vibe with new people. You never know what possibilities can come out of a new friendly encounter. I love hearing others stories just for laughs and to learn. It’s inspiring to learn how someone thinks, where they have been, and where they want to go. It is not only about what you can get or gain from someone. It is also about what you can give and simple companionship.

What are your plans for this summer? Let me know in the comments below.

Wearing: ASOS blazer; The Limited blouse; New York & Company jeans; DSW heels

Special thanks to my brother Dantes for contributing his swag to these photos and my sister Damali for taking the photos.

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