3 Blocks That Stop Big Dreams

We all know how important it is to have big dreams, but for whatever reason we tend to block ourselves from making them come true. There are three self-imposed blocks we need to pay attention to – where we come from, life, and living in our minds.

1. You should never allow where you come from determine where you are going. Do not limit your aspirations to the neighborhood you grew up in, the school you went to, the family you are in, or the way you look. Think of anyone who is an icon…most of them did not come from easy beginnings and neither are they ashamed of it. They repeat over and over again that because they had to work hard to get where they are now, they are grounded, humble, and always helping others.

2. Life is our most challenging ally. Sometimes it feels as if life is constantly throwing curve balls or digging pot holes in your path. It could be family issues, arguments with friends, your boss is giving you a hard time, your car breaks down on a day you cannot be late, money is tight, or you got a mosquito bite. The reason life does this is not to persuade you to stop, but rather convince you to see how important it is to continue pursuing your dream. There is a lesson you need to gain or experience in order to be ready to take the next step closer to your dream.

3. Living in your mind is something I have been guilty of and working very hard to fix. Keeping your ideas, dreams, opinions, or just your full personality to your self causes you to miss out on opportunities that were created for you. No one around you will have any idea how brilliant you are if you do not tell them or show them. Of course, this is easier said then done. I am not comfortable “tooting my own horn,” but if no one knows what you are working for and aspire to, you will never connect with people who would love to help you.

I hope this list was helpful. There are definitely more blocks to add, but I think if we recognize these 3, we can better understand how to fix or improve ourselves. I started a dream / idea journal in January of 2013 and I think it really helped me keep on track on what I enjoy and what I wanted to achieve. Pick one of your dreams and write down what you are doing now or what you are going to do to make it come true. Then, watch yourself succeed.

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