Stromae is a Belgian singer-songwriter fusing hip hop and electronic music while taking the European music scene by storm. Accompanied by up-beat gender-bending music, Stromae’s lyrics tackle and showcase the issues and controversies everyone experience, from unemployment to politics to stereotypes.  His second album continues this theme, with its single “Tous Les Memes” questioning the double standards of gender roles. The video for this song is a work of art on it’s own. I love the theatrical vibe and quirky choreography. I also included the video for his debut hit “Alors On Danse” because I still love that song.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Stromae

  1. Your global fusion experience is awesome!! I have never heard of any of these entertainers but they are fantastic. Stromae is handsome!! I like his clean cut fashion and economy of movement. Will he be coming to the states?


  2. I see what you mean by the first video….the choreography is really weird and quirky and a bit unconventional, but I like it..a lot! I have no idea what he is singing about but I think I got the main gist of it. ; P And the second video was kind of interesting…with the split screens…it really forced you to pay attention to what was going on..I suppose that was the intention. And I think I got the whole symbolism of ending up where you started…he’s in the office at the beginning of the video and then he ends up in the same office at the end too. It also seems like everybody wants something from him or wants to steal something from him which I guess could be symbolism for what your job, boss, gov’t, family, strangers, etc. can do to you. His music and style is really edgy and out there…I like it…and even though I don’t understand the language..I think I do understand his message. 🙂 Also his style kind of reminded me (more so in the first video when he was a woman and a man) of the movie “Triplets of Belleville.”


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