Make Your New Year Count


Happy New Year! This is the time to reflect on what you are grateful for and celebrate what you are looking forward to. For me, 2013 was another meaningful year full of lessons that featured a number of celebrations and disappointments. I decided to translate these lessons into a check-resolution-list to make sure I do not repeat some experiences and create room for new adventures. These are the top 5 lessons and goals I have for this coming year. What are your plans for 2014? Let me know and comment below.

1. Find, build, and maintain your purpose.

The Value Inside

During this past year I spent a lot of time defining my purpose. I believe the foundation behind everything you do must lead back to your purpose in life. It can keep you strong during the struggles when nothing seems to be working out and can reinforce your triumphs while keeping you humble. As an artist and a scholar, I am constantly mastering the art of balance. My purpose engulfs a variety of things, from making an impact on people’s lives to reaching my full potential to spreading love and knowledge. There is no manual that dictates what I should study or where I should live or who I should reach out to. However, letting go of fear and being open to inspiration and help can go a long way. For 2014 (and the rest of my life) I promise to stay true to my purpose and allow it to evolve in everything I do.

2. Be happily selfish

"I am Surrounded by Idiots." Rainbow

As human beings, we collect a lot of connections. Some are considered friends while others are colleagues, but they all require time and effort to maintain contact. In 2013, I finally came to the realization that it is okay to consider myself as my top priority. Some of us tend to be overwhelmingly generous with our time and talents, hoping that eventually all of our effort will be reciprocated. If this habit overrides taking care of yourself, life can be very disappointing. Thus, being content with yourself can lead to clearly filtering out the “idiots” from those who could use a rainbow.

3. Honestly measure your self-worth.


This is a habit I am determined to change. Due to whatever experiences we have had, we tend to feel inadequate in what we want to pursue, when in reality we are over-qualified. This sentiment can be linked to measuring your self-worth, but the main thing we need to recognize is that we tend to be our worst enemy in blocking our dreams from coming true. It is not narcissistic to believe in yourself and embrace your greatness. It is not egotistical to allow your gifts to shine.

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4. Indulge in creativity and innovation

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Regardless of what industry you work in, you should always save room and time to indulge in a creative outlet. Even as an artist, I am guilty of putting my artsy side on a back burner in order to “get work done.” Have you ever noticed a certain feeling of emptiness when day-in and day-out you succumb to the same routine of get up…work…eat…sleep…get up? Occasionally you might squeeze in socializing, but that still does not exercise all of your senses. Creativity is a way to not only relieve yourself of pent up emotions, but is also a way to share inspiration. This can be done in a variety of ways, from painting to tinkering with a car to reading a new book. For 2014, I will continue to not place my talents in a compartment and make time to share my creativity in everything I do.

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5. Do something remarkable

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Finally, to make sure I make this new year count, I plan to achieve a “remarkable” goal every month this year. This includes independent projects that will be posted on this blog, maintaining my inner peace, completing my master’s program, among other things. Goals can be big or small, but if you are constantly working towards something that has short-term and long-term rewards, you can have a full and remarkable life.

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5 thoughts on “Make Your New Year Count

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring start to a new year! After reading this post I suddenly felt the endless possibiities that exist in the world for everyone. There are really no limits. I wish you all the wonderful meaning and purpose you have set for yur new year and all the blessings of the universe. I will definitely return to this page throughout the year.


  2. I think that 3 and 5 spoke to me the most. My self-worth is all out of whack and I need to fix it at some point. Also I think 5 is a good tip…I shall try that too…doing something remarkable for every month. Good luck with these New Year goals of yours and hopefully I can use some of them too…successfully. ; P ❤


    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you found some inspiration from this. I would love to hear about your monthly remarkable goals. Contact me anytime via e-mail or my “social corner.” Hope you have a great new year.


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