African Digital Art: Showcasing the African Creative

Digital art is being pushed to new heights with the advances in technology and the way in which we can distribute our work via the internet.  I am hopeful that the internet will continue to provide an equal level playing field to enable everyone to showcase their story and be exposed to other cultures.  With this in mind, I was very happy to find African Digital Art.

An online network that serves as a collective creative space, African Digital Art provides digital artists, enthusiasts, and professionals a place to showcase their work and connect with emerging artists.

They have such so much information, artwork, music, film, and everything in between.  They organize the work and clips by project, artist, and country of origin.  They also interview artists as well as give the back story for photography sessions, paintings, and films.  You should definitely take your time to sift through all of it.  Here are two posts that sparked my interest:

Spider Stories – a pan-African inspired fantasy adventure series that takes our beloved Anansi to another level and a story I would love to see on TV.


Solus – A CG animated short film that really plays with your imagination.




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