Sofitel Malabo Sipopo le Golf in Guinea

As seen on: Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

This week we are visiting Guinea and indulging in what I like to call luxury-hospitality-art. Sofitel Malabo Sipopo le Golf is a gorgeous destination with a private beach, tennis court, golf course, and luxurious rooms.  The entire building was designed with a wave-like shape to reflect contemporary African architecture and the sea that surrounds it, which I think gives it a modern and fresh feel.  The interior follows a similar theme with a mixture of elegant French style and African accents, bold color combinations, and a breathtaking view of the sea.  They also have fabulous rooms and services to host the best cocktail party.  I really love the architecture and decor of this place, it’s like a work of art.

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Music Spotlight:

The music in Guinea is heavily influenced by their historical connections with the Spanish, French, and Portuguese.  The majority of their music showcases soukous and makossa as well as reggae and rock.  Compared to other African countries, there is not a huge amount of music spreading from Guinea, but I have hope that will change as livelihoods improve and technology becomes more accessible (did you hear about Google’s latest Africa project?).

This song is a beautiful collaboration among three artsits from Guinea – Aicha KonéTakana Zion, Sekouba KK –  that has a Brazilian carnival flair as well as African island fun.

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