Just Sharing: My First Modeling Gig

As the rain poured and rush hour traffic in downtown Washington, DC became more congested, my friend and I braced the elements in cocktail dresses and platform pumps to catch a cab and make our way to our first professional fashion event – DC Fashion Week’s Corjor International Showcase.

In September of 2011, I attended a free event for DC Fashion Week in the Dupont Circle area.  Among the glamorous and fashionably inclined, I met the designer and the photographer for Elizabeth St John (whom I later interviewed here).  After the introductions and chatting, they invited me to model in their showcase that weekend.  I thought it sounded like a fun opportunity…so I agreed.  That Saturday, from 2pm until around 9pm, I witnessed the exciting behind-the-scenes experience of being a part of a real fashion show.  From hair and make-up, to dress fittings, to runway practicing, to mini dramas among the organizers, it was a fun-filled afternoon.  The event took place at the Hillwood Estates, which includes a museum and lovely gardens.  I must admit, once I entered the gates to the estate, I felt as if I was transported to southern France.  It really was beautiful.  The models I met at the show were also welcoming.  Once they found out that this event was my first modeling experience, they immediately extended a fashionable-helping-hand and gave me advice on how to get ready and which business cards I should pick up.  We also had fun practicing power-walking on the cobble-stone runway.  I ended up modeling for all three designers at this event and met some wonderful people.

I realized that I never got a chance to share this experience or these photographs.  Since there was no official photo shoot, it was hit-or-miss until some pictures were posted on websites or social media.  I figured now is a better time than any to share this.

I love learning new things and I think modeling can truly be an art form, depending on how you look at.  It reminded a lot of performing in theatre.  I don’t necessarily list “model” under my tag line, but I do enjoy acting for the camera.  Below are a few photos from me and the photographers that were at the event.  “Enjoy darling!”


Nuit De La Mode - Runway
The “runway” at Nuit De La Mode at the Hillwood Estates
Make Up by Jamie Sutton Weiss from Salon Emage
Make Up by Jamie Sutton Weiss from Salon Emage
Clothing by Marina Astafyeva
Clothing by Marina Astafyeva
Dress by Camille Pascal
Dress by Camille Pascal


Dress by Elizabeth St John
Dress by Elizabeth St John


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