Africans Love Country Music

The art exhibit featured in the above image is from Samuel Olayombo‘s exhibit “Unchained: The Cotton Candy Cowboys” in Accra. Everybody was taking photos here. The texture and expressions in his art are fabulous!

Now, let’s talk about country music and Africans.

Did you know Africans love country music? When I moved to Accra, I started noticing Country Music being played on the local radio plus in restaurants and some homes. I found this really fascinating. Sometimes asking in my head, “what do you know about country music?”

Oh. Silly me. Let me share a disclaimer with you. I have lived most of my life in Texas. Purro 956! H-town Going Down! Remember The Alamo! Don’t Mess With Texas! Howdy, that’s what I am familiar with. Thus, country music, in English and Spanish, has been around me for a while. Now, for those unfamiliar with Texas, let me share this: No, I do not drive a pick-up truck, live on a ranch, or have a country music playlist on my laptop. Yes, I own a pair of cowgirl boots, attended a few rodeos, and performed in a Charro Days dance celebration. There is a spectrum when it comes to the Texas experience. We do not all exist like the country music videos.

Ok, back to our main discussion.

Fast forward to a few months ago, I find myself teaching a country line dance at a kizomba dance social. Everyone enjoyed it and we might do more.

Then, like how all synchronicities work, I come across this Twitter thread on my feed. This documents the history of country music’s influence in Africa, ranging back to the 1970s. Turns out, this love for country music spans all of sub-Saharan Africa, inspiring African artists to produce similar music, country-themed parties, and unique African covers of classic country music songs. Isn’t that cool? Make sure to check out the thread below for more elaborate details.

The more you know. Right?

Now, my next question is, could we host a rodeo in Ghana? Or another African country? What could that look like? Would people attend? Is there a demand for such an experience?

What do you think? Please share with me in the comments. If you are in Ghana ( or would come for this), would you be interested in an Afro-Rodeo? If you are familiar with rodeos (or are from the South in the USA), what experience or activity would you suggest is important to introduce the rodeo to beginners?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Take care and be safe.

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