Own The Hiccups

Shoutout to the paparazzi for catching these angles. Shoutout to Miss Happy Anonymous for catching the frame. Shoutout to my makeup for staying put in this heat.

The bracelets are from Bandele Muse. My afrofuturistic boutique.

Now, time for a story that has nothing to do with these photos. Shall we?

My business website bandelemuse.com was flagged as dangerous by Norton Security. In big red letters. Like total Scarlet Letter vibes. I spent a week or so researching what to fix or edit on my site…but found no solutions.

Finally, I felt called to click on the Norton report. Found the button to submit a dispute. I thanked them for the report, noted this was my business, and asked why it was in the phishing category + what I need to fix this. The form states it takes 2 days for a response.

In one hour I received an email from Norton stating they reevaluated my site and changed the status to safe.

Thus, my lesson in this….

When confronted with a hiccup, your first response does not always have to be “I will do it myself. I need to fix me.” It is possible that you are already safe and correct. A simple request (coming from a place of trust) could lead to the solution / guidance/ support you need.

You’re welcome.

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