Healthy Lifestyle in Ghana ft Ben Asamani + Tatale Vegan Restaurant

Eat well + Live well is easier said than done. In Ghana, we have most of the ingredients for this, but access and knowledge on how to use it are needed. In this video, I introduce you to Ben Asamani, founder of Tatale Vegan Restaurant. We have an insightful discussion on thriving in Ghana, the restaurant and hospitality business in Ghana, and the mindset needed to eat well and live well in Ghana. We also get an exclusive experience cooking some of Tatale’s signature dishes with Ben.

Tatale Vegan Restaurant is located in Osu, Accra and offers a menu of Ghanaian traditional dishes reimagined for a healthy lifestyle. You can find more information about Tatale Vegan Restaurant here.

What do you think of this experience? Are you coming to eat at Tatale Vegan Restaurant? Let me know in the comments.

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