Lunch With Tatale Vegan Restaurant In Accra Ghana

Being healthy in Ghana is becoming easier as I find more opportunities to use local ingredients. That is why I was so excited to find Tatale Vegan Restaurant. Located in Osu, the restaurant has a peaceful and cute vibe. Customer service is great as the waiters and owner are very attentive and helpful. They really understand the importance of presentation. The food is so good, you will forget there is no meat on your plate. You might even consider the vegan lifestyle for yourself. In this video, I take you with me to order the food, pick it up, and eat it at home. I really enjoyed my meal and look forward to trying everything else on their menu.

Note that this post is not endorsed. I ordered my own food and loved it so much I had to share.

Have you been to this restaurant? Would you try it? Share with me in the comments.

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