Dagny Zenovia

Why I Am Thinking About Will Smith + Life Choices

I am thinking about life choices and attachments. Yes, part of this is inspired by the recent chatter about Will Smith, Jada, and Entanglements. In this video, I discuss my perspective on how Will Smith, as a character and career, is a great case study to reflect on how to maneuver life choices for success. In particular, how attachments can make or break your success.

Like I mentioned in the video, I have a few questions that I have yet to find the answer to. How do attachments make or break my success? Looking at what I find inspiring about Will Smith, work ethic and discipline means everything. A lot of that is a solo mission. No one can do the work for me. So, how does that translate to attachments? Maybe that becomes easier as I gain clarity on my value and purpose. The balance of making connections to exchange value can be slippery if you look at it as solely a transaction. Maybe not everyone is my real “friend,” but I do care about the people I connect with.

So, I focus more on what I give and experience. I check if I am coming from a space of clarity, generosity, and accountability. I pay attention to whether I feel drained, neutral, or rejuvenated while interacting with someone. I observe how receptive we both are regarding each others priorities. This all sounds good in theory, but it can get confusing in reality. Life and time can change people. Or, maybe, life and time allows people to reveal their true colors.

Regarding family, how do I effectively build a legacy? It seems like there are two parts to it. First, build it. Second, raise children in a way that aligns them to take what I built to the next level. Or, alternatively, it could be to first, build it and a team, and second, manage that team to take what was built to the next level. Or, it could be a combination of both. My question is, are you working on both parts simultaneously? While I am building, should I be thinking of how my future child or future team will make this better? Or does that come later? I want to develop and establish generational wealth. If later my future children or future team decide to go in a different direction, does that make my work a failure? Or is it still a success because the generational wealth enabled them to go in that direction?

This is why I find Will Smith’s career and insight motivational. He has built and obtained success while being transparent about chasing perfection. This is important to me because perfection is what I have tried to obtain for the majority of my life, which has left me feeling a bit empty. I now feel that great quality work and results is more fulfilling than the persona of perfection. When it comes to entanglements, this recent gossip-turned-news illustrates that marriage is not perfect (even though I still feel this story and explanation is none of our business). I am not sure yet if that really is relationships in general, or the individuals who choose to be in the relationship.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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