Dagny Zenovia Afrofuturism Story

The Year 2020

Living in a time and space where all beings can co-exist wholesomely, peacefully, and equally seems to be a dream that drifts further and further. It is as if everything and everyone is burning. As a royal member of the Vibranium Seals, it is my duty to protect our peace. My peace. But, I can’t help but wonder how we could influence time to keep that peace. 

I am a 1st generation moon child. A descendant of afropolitans, androids, and healers.. An intergalactic citizen. The only life I know about Earth is what I have swiped in textbooks. The space station I grew up in hovers above Africa, at least what is left of it. My childhood was beautiful and carefree. I traveled to different planets with my family, had friends from different galaxies, and always felt loved. Now, things have changed. 

Dagny Zenovia Afrofuturism Story

The United Planets has been hijacked by a robotic clan, but we think they are being supported by The Republic, a human society that has been in hiding for centuries. Their mission is to erase the history and legacy of all free spirits. Some say they are building a weapon. Rumor has it they murdered one or our royal elders. We are no longer safe. 

I can’t tell you the details of our defensive strategy because…you know…secret agent stuff. My friends and I had planned a vacation at the Pluto Polo Club for next month. My company is launching our new collection of tech-suits next week. My fiance & I finally agreed on where to have our honeymoon. My parents are retired, but I know they are still searching for my twin brother. But, my mission is to travel to a time when the pedagogy of the oppressed was flipped on it’s head. The year when truth was revealed. The year when flames cleansed the Earth. The year when pure hearts overpowered cursed souls. The year when everyone lifted each other up for freedom. The year 2020.

Dagny Zenovia Afrofutrism Dress

Well, Happy New Year. Above is an excerpt from a project I am working on. A story that has been in my head for way too long. Trust, you will get to share in the adventure soon enough. Now, back to 2020. There really is a lot going on. Not only personally, but all over the world. It is exciting and concerning at the same time. As I reflect on life, time, and space, here are a few things I am focusing on.

Dagny Zenovia Afrofuturism Purple Gold

Now is the time to show up for yourself. Speak up for yourself. Stand up for yourself. We are all going through an internal transformation. Habits and thoughts that served the old you, positively or negatively, will no longer fit the new you. Distinguishing between your heart’s true desires and expectations imposed by others will become crystal clear. I feel this year we are all coming to a point where we no longer have to question “when will,” or “how long,” or “only if.” Everything you deserve is right here. The question is, are you ready?

Dagny Zenovia Afrofuturism

This year, I will no longer rationalize the incidents, people, and thoughts that do not serve me. All my life I had to fight…ok…not exactly. But, I have always made excuses for how people treat me or why things don’t turn out the way I thought it would. Concluding there must be something wrong with me and withdrawing further into my mind. It’s 2020. We done with that! I need to be loyal to me. I need to be the bigger person for me. It is time to find that balance. Allow yourself to shine without being concerned of others comfort or approval. Dive into the unknown trusting you are blessed and brilliant. Say yes to expanding your horizons. When it comes to people and circumstances, interact with your surroundings with love. If they are down to ride the train with you, cool. If they can’t keep up with your train, that’s cool too…keep it moving.

Dagny Zenovia Afrofuturism Style

Listen to yourself. Where are you in life right now? There is a lot of focus on vision boards and goal action plans. Steps to succeed in finances, health, love, career, etc. That is all great. In addition to that, take a moment to reflect on how you want to feel in this new year and new decade. It can be one word or a paragraph. Then, reflect on what you need to release, heal, and/or forgive to experience that feeling. I have taken the time to release disappointment, heal pain, and forgive myself. The depth of love and gratitude I feel within in myself right now is deeper than I have ever experienced. Almost like I am a kid again, but with more clarity and insight. I think doing this makes your vision board and action plan more real. As you release, heal, and forgive, you gain more clarity on what your higher plan is. This brings you closer to aligning your goals and attention with your soul’s purpose.

This new year and new decade will be as magnificent as you make it. How are you setting the pace for this new chapter? Share with me below.

Style Details! This dress was custom designed by Ometsey. Check out her Instagram and my interview with her. I collaborated with her for The Black Gala , an event in Accra showcasing art and music. The theme was Afrofuturism, which is my true love.

As always, I love hearing from you. Share with me in the comments. Let’s connect on Instagram and Twitter.

6 thoughts on “The Year 2020

  1. All I can say is WOW. What exquisite writing. Can’t wait to read the complete book. Already seeing it as a movie. There is so much to your 2020 project. You have arrived to yourself. May you continue to be blessed. We who know and love you feel blessed because you are a part of our lives. I believe you are here to enlighten us and inspire us to our higher selves. Thank you.


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