Dagny Zenovia Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Black Panther and Wakanda: Let’s Talk

At the time I recorded this discussion, I had seen Black Panther twice. Now, celebrating the one year anniversary of vibranium excellence, I have seen it four times. I still feel so loved and empowered every time I see it.

Dagny Zenovia Black Panther Wakanda Forever

I also find it amusing that a year after seeing Black Panther for the first time, I now find myself bringing Wakanda to life while living and working in the Royal Continent, but that is another story for another time.

Dagny Zenovia Black Panther Wakanda Forever

It took me about three days to formalize in words how I felt after watching Black Panther. This was the result:

“I traveled to the Kingdom of Wakanda on February 17th. I now live in Wakanda. I will be getting married in Wakanda. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will be raised, spoiled, and celebrated in Wakanda. We will purchase all the black neighborhoods and property in America and the world to keep black families safe and prosperous within their communities. We will build schools, stores, hospitals, parks, museums, libraries, salons, farms, theaters, etc for the community. We will invest in knowledge, money, and family to strengthen the community. We will develop generational wealth and legacy for the community. We will bridge the gap between Africa and her stolen and lost children. All colonizers and gentrifiers are advised to stay out of the way, unless you understand the peripheral help you could provide. Wakanda might be a fantasy, but the mind set can be real.”

Dagny Zenovia Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Instead of writing or recording a movie review on my own, I really wanted to have a conversation in a group discussion. I put a word out on social media for those who were interested and personally invited those I felt would contribute great insight. Scheduling and commitment were tricky, but in the end, I think it turned out to be a wonderful discussion. I am so grateful to Kamiliyah and Tamon for taking the time to share their presence, insight, and brilliance.

Dagny Zenovia Black Panther Wakanda Forever

Here, me and my brilliant panel discuss the themes and nuances from the movie that resonated with us. There is still so much to unpack and further explore. Let’s continue the conversation. How would you answer some of the questions we discussed? Share in the comments below.

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