Prince New Single – Breakfast Can Wait


Prince released the official video to his latest single “Breakfast Can Wait” earlier this week and it is addictive! The smooth funk and soul that accompanies his familiar appealing voice blends beautifully in this new track. The even bigger surprise is the music video that features 18 year old dancer, model, and actress, Danielle Curiel, with a killer dance sequence and a female Prince impersonator. In an interview with Pitchfork, Danielle explained that Prince e-mailed her to create a concept video for his upcoming single. Talk about lucky! I think she did a pretty clever job with this. It is nice to see real choreography and fun acting makes it’s way back to music videos. Getting back to the music, if this single is a sample of an upcoming album, we have a lot to look forward to. Enjoy!

Prince Breakfast Can Wait prince-breakfast-teaser-lead

2 thoughts on “Prince New Single – Breakfast Can Wait

  1. OMG!! I loved the choreography!! So fun! and the beat of the song is cool! And I liked how the girl was the one in charge of the guy..haha..woman power! heh heh. Fun vid…Danielle did a good job. 😉 And I loved the red curls….maybe you should dye your hair that color sometime Dagz! jkjk. ; P but I’m sure you could pull it off!


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