Safari Honeymoon: Chongwe River House in Zambia

As seen on Munaluchi  Bridal Magazine

This week we are indulging in another pearl of Africa. The Chongwe River House provides a breathtaking location to view the wonders of the Chongwe and Zambezi river. The home was created to complement its majestic surroundings without interfering with nature. The frame of the home was built with wild wood and all the furniture was carved from one fallen tree. It is almost like the best tree house you could ever imagine. They also provide a private vehicle, guides, canoes, and a boat to explore the park at your convenience. For those who really love the outdoors and talking to animals, the Chongwe River House would be the perfect honeymoon destination.

large_home Chongwe-River-House-1 005651-01-tent-bedroom Chongwe-River-House-african-safari-zambia-hotel-bedroom Chongwe-River-House-31-1024x682 Chongwe-River-House-25-1024x682 005651-05-pool-lounging-with-elephant Chongwe-River-House-6-1024x682 chongwehouse private house sl_home_02 willbl-chongwe-102

Music Spotlight

Mutinta is a Zambian singer-songwriter and guitarist. Her music blends afro-beat, jazz, reggae, and soul. I chose to share her latest single with you because of its happy vibe and peaceful imagery.

Cleo Ice Queen is a Zambian hip-hop artist. Her latest single showcases the new wave of music in Zambia.

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