Copacabana Palace: Famous Luxury Hotel in Brazil

As seen on Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

If you are looking for the ultimate V.I.P experience, Copacabana Palace is the ultimate place to find classic luxury and exclusive history.  This hotel was built in 1923 by a French architect and has hosted many stars, including Rita Hayworth, Marilyn Monroe, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. It is considered South America’s premiere hotel and has all the glamorous trimmings to maintain that reputation.


It’s classic and elegant decor reminds me so much of the Turner Classic Movies channel. I am a big fan of fashion and cars from the 1920s and 30s and can easily see a lovely reproduction of any of those romantic classic movie scenes here. This would be a perfect location for a retro themed photo shoot or wedding and for a relaxing, romantic honeymoon. Here is a clip showcasing the hotel, which I agree would be “a journey like no other.”

Copacabana-Palace-lobby Copacabana-Palace-Hotel2 copacabana-palace-4 Copacabana-Palace-Rio-2 AwxjXwZ5ZPkcoJSaMKZipUWiMUIwqP9jpz9jMKW0nJImYmV4BGNipUWipP0lZGV0BP0kZmZ3BQNmZQZ2YKAlLl5dpTp Copyright Copyright Copacabana_Palace_172952 copacabana_palace_hotel_orient_express_11 p1090528 Copacabana-Palace-Rio-De-Janeiro-Brazil-Dining Copacabana+Palace+Restaurants+ rio-de-janeiro-copacabana-palace-291978_1000_560

Music Spotlight:

Brazilian music has a variety of original styles, from samba to zouk-lambada to bossa nova. While searching for music for this post, I found a variety of artists that are considered part of the “new generation,” where they combine the traditional rhythms of their home city with contemporary pop, hip hop, and jazz while still representing the culture of their home country.

Luísa Maita is a Brazilian singer-songwriter. Her music fuses traditional Brazilian urban music with contemporary pop and jazz. This song has a lovely melody and I like how the video clip showcases the urban side of Brazil. The song talks about a “motoboy” who zips through the city of Sao Paulo making deliveries.

Lurdez da Luz is a Brazilian rapper and singer. The hip-hop scene in Brazil has been gradually growing within the past two decades and Lurdez is one of the few female MCs paving the way. I like how this song fuses hip hop with an afro-brazilian and jazz rhythm.

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