Luxury Envy: Burj Al Arab in Dubai

As seen on Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

While sampling hotels around the world from the comfort of my laptop, this particular sail-shaped hotel continued to pop-up. I realized I had never seen the inside of this very modern looking hotel and decided to check out their photo gallery. Thus started my awe-struck-envy episode.

The Burj Al Arab in Dubai takes the concept of luxury to another level in a league of it’s own. Voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel, they provide a personal butler service, 8 restaurants and bars, 4 swimming pools, private beach, and a Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and helicopter airport transfer service. Of course, such services include an impressive price tag, but, similar to my previous posts, I enjoy admiring the craftsmanship that goes behind creating places like this. Every intricate detail is designed to entice all of your senses. It really is a work of art. The bold colors and modern patterns make a beautiful combination. Having a wedding, or a reception, or a drink, or just a tour here would probably be an experience of a lifetime.

Burj_Al_Arab_3 Burj_al-arab_indoor Dubai 07 Burj Al Arab 05 Inside Entrance Lobby burj-al-arab-spa-assawan-01-hero 21 burj-al-arab-luxury-suite burj-al-arab-spa-assawan-04-hero 11 PIC18 burj_al_arab_-_skyview_bar_ Lift Lobby burj-al-arab-s-underwater-restaurant_1280x800_24717 burj-al-arab-spa-assawan-03-hero PIC32

Music Spotlight:

Samo Zaen is a singer from Kuwait who has won the award for Best Arabic Singer 6 times. The majority of his music videos are created as short films and are directed by him. In this clip, I like how he ties history and love together.

Myriam Fares, also known as the Queen of Stage, is a singer and entertainer from Lebanon. This is her latest single for her upcoming album and it already is topping the charts in the Middle East. I like the fashion, color, and fun in this clip.

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