Casa Olivi: The Italian Experience

As seen on: Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

This week we are visiting one of the most romantic places in the world – Italy.  A three-story 18th century farmhouse surrounded by beautiful hills, delicious olive groves, and a restful coast, Casa Olivi is a perfect destination for a honeymoon.


Casa Olivi includes 5 bedrooms designed with a minimalistic theme and elegant decor.  The living room, kitchen, and dining room are on the ground floor.  Every window features a lovely panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.  There are also a variety of things to do in the area, such as wine tasting, boat trips around the coast, and horse-back riding.  For those who prefer experiences that go beyond typical tourist attractions, I highly recommend you check this place out and create your own “Roman Holiday.”

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Along with the breathtaking view and tasteful decor, I love how their dining options are set up.  They have a variety of indoor and outdoor dining spaces for an intimate dinner or a relaxing get-together with friends.  The kitchen includes everything for a hired cook to create a gourmet masterpiece or for guests who enjoy shopping for local ingredients to create their own feasts.

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Music Spotlight:

Simona Molinari is an Italian singer.  Her music fuses pop, jazz, swing, and bossa nova.  I love the rhythm in this song and the signature Italian vocal melody.  ”La Felicità” means “the happiness.”

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