Quadron Quadron Quadron

Quadron is an “electronic soul” duo from Denmark consisting of singer Coco Maja Hastrup Karshøj and musician/producer Robin Hannibal.  Their music blends indie pop, electronica, new soul, jazz, and rap.  Their 2nd album, Avalanche, is coming out June 4th and I am already in love with the released singles for it.  I love her voice and their melodies.

Their upcoming album will also feature influences from the one and only King of Pop.  They just released a new single from their album called “Neverland,” a beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson.  I’m also a big MJ scholar and definitely appreciate tributes that tell his story and/or respect his legacy instead of just trying to duplicate his brilliance. I also recommend listening to “It’s Gonna Get You.” Enjoy.

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