Amanjena Resort: Enchanting Getaway in Morocco

As seen on Munaluchi Bridal Magazine

To experience culture and history on an enchanting vacation, Morocco is at the top of my list.  From the photos and clips, I think the Amanjena Resort is the best place to experience all of it.


Located just outside Marrakech, Morocco, the Amanjena offers 32 private pavilions to indulge in relaxation, elegance, and romance.  Aren’t their rooms gorgeous?  I’m pretty sure any guest here feels like royalty.

amanjena3 jena_maison_guest_bed2_alb jena_maison_living_rm5_alb

Their restaurant specializes in authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine.  From breakfast in their Thai Restaurant, to lunch on the Pool Terrace, to an intimate private dinner in the Caidal Tent, there are so many romantic eating opportunities to entice anyone’s taste buds.

amanjena-resort_966x543 jena_restaurant8_alb jena_caidal_tent2_alb

Of course, no one can have an enchanted vacation without lounging near or swimming in a 33-metre reflective pool.

jena_swimming_pool9_alb swimming-pool

My favorite part of this resort is their two-story library.  It has a fireplace, high ceiling, and cozy, elegant furniture.  Their library features books, magazines, newspapers, and board games.  Between exploring the Sahara Desert and learning how to cook Moroccan food, I would probably spend the majority of my indoor time here snuggling with a good book or playing Mancala.


Music Spotlight:

Ahmed Soultan is a singer from Morocco.  His signature style fuses Berber (a traditional Moroccan style of music) with soul music, which is why he is called the “Afrobian Soul for Afro-Arabian music.”  I sampled some his other work and really like how he continues to advocate for a connection between all African countries.  Regardless of region or religion, we should accept each other as just African brothers and sisters.  I also like how the video showcases some parts of Morocco you might not see as a tourist. Enjoy!

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