The Majlis Resort: Paradise In Kenya

As seen on Munaluchi Bridal Magazine


The Majlis Hotel, a luxury beach hotel on Lamu Island, off Kenya’s Northern Coast, with stylish accommodations and breathtaking views of the bay, is Kenya’s #1 Beach Hotel.  From the pictures, I fell in love right away with it’s tropical elegance and African roots.

Established in 2009, the boutique hotel has 25 rooms divided into 3 villas.  Each villa was constructed with natural resources to enhance and preserve the beauty of the local surroundings.  Intricately decorated and tailored, all rooms showcase East African heritage with doors and furniture hand-crafted locally.

royal-suite-room-2 living-room-villa-kusi the-majlis-lamu-twin-deluxe-room

The Majlis Restaurant offers a diverse set of cuisines, including international, Italian, and Swahili dishes.  The set menu is changed everyday by the Restaurant chef to feature the best in local produce and fresh seasonal ingredients.  The decor for their restaurant reminds me of the film Casablanca with a contemporary twist.  I love how they incorporate African wood carvings in the pillars.


In addition to beach games and a jungle gym, their “Kid’s club” includes sailing an authentic Arabian Dhow vessel, learning how to make your own bow and arrow on the Massai Warrior Experience, and Swahili cooking classes.  They also offer boat and mainland safaris, fishing, and cultural excursions.  With all of those adventures, I would probably spend the majority of my time lounging at one of their two very inviting pools.

detail-majlis-pool-villa-with-deck kusi-villa-pool-detail-majlis-lamu the-majlis-lamu-view-from-the-majlis-pool-on-the-dunes

Fun fact: The resort participates in community work in the area and uses a hybrid energy power system.  Just sharing an example to show that Africa, in luxury and regular business, is already taking care of their own.

I am a big fan of music (and used to be a radio DJ) and am always searching for something to expose people to.  I thought this song would be perfect to start a laid-back pool party at the Majlis Resort.

This is Liz Ogumbo from Kenya. She is a performing artist and fashion designer.

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