Story: Water Availability & Protection in Texas


Subject: Due to climate change and human habits, Texas’ access to water is gradually entering a danger zone.  The Texas State legislature is currently in session and have a number bills regarding the environment to attend to.  Working with a group of individuals, including journalists, advocates, and representatives, I am conducting research and interviews for three long form articles.  Our topics focus on the organizations dedicated to water protection in Texas, the alleged tension between Texas and Mexico for water access, and the people who are directly affected by the lack of water infrastructure in Texas.

Publisher: Working with an editor at The Dallas Morning News.

Posted: Article still in progress.  If you have experience with this topic or know of anyone who would like to have their story told, please leave a comment below or contact me.  Thanks in advance.

Update: The articles worked out beautifully, but publishing seems nonexistent. Thus, I would like to share some of the photos I took for our story on the water tension and debate between Texas and Mexico. These photos were taken in South Texas in Harlingen.

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