Dagny Zenovia: Why A Blogger Should Think Bigger

Why A Blogger Should Think Bigger

Beyond producing and curating content, adding skills to their DIY branding tool box, keeping up with trends and news, and interacting with followers and influencers, a blogger must find time to think bigger. What kind of impact could your blog make if it reached a bigger audience, was supported by bigger brands, and/or reached a higher potential? I started to ponder this idea more after participating in the twitter chat #confessionsofablackblogger hosted by Black Bloggers United.

In addition to noting the discrepancies in which bloggers receive endorsements and are awarded for their work, a bigger discussion about a bloggers potential ensued. Even though there has been an increase in blogger networks, from Facebook groups to brand connectors, many bloggers can still feel isolated from any online community.

If you have ever found yourself in this predicament, I want you to reflect on why you are blogging. What is your purpose? What is your goal?

I see a lot of talk about brand endorsements, income reports, and monetizing strategies that all bloggers are encouraged to achieve. I admire those who have excelled in those endeavors and am inspired by what their brands stand for. However, that is not what I envision for my blog.

Like my logo says, my blog is a place to be informed, amused, and motivated. I am more interested in collaborating or working on projects that enhance and impact society, education, public policy, the arts, history…the list could go on. The posts I write might not include a clear-cut solution, but I hope they help my readers think, wonder, dream, and act. As I add to the LookBooks on my blog, it is not only about where I bought my clothes and how I look in them, but also to encourage my readers to find comfort in their unique radiance and learn how to accentuate it with style. In return, I am creating my opportunity to improve and explore my storytelling and design skills and connect with other brilliant people. These are things I enjoy doing, but I also have a bigger picture in mind. The blog is part of the foundation. The prize evolves with what is built on that foundation.

“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there. So here’s to all…the people who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman, to be black.” – Viola Davis

Dagny Zenovia: Why A Blogger Should Think Bigger. Create your own opportunity.

Of course I was also inspired by the display of Excellence at the Emmy Awards. Viola Davis speech was on point and I applaud her, Regina King, and Uzo Aduba for being who they are and bringing us along for the journey. They created their opportunity and stuck to it not for an award but for the significance of their talent and presence in the arts and society.

I see bloggers (or freelancers or self-publishers or content creators) as people creating their own opportunities. When one of you win, we all win. Regardless of what your purpose is behind that opportunity, recognize its potential, not only for you, but for those you empower through your talent and presence.

What are you doing with your opportunity?

4 thoughts on “Why A Blogger Should Think Bigger

  1. I always feel inspired when I read your blogs. I also am informed about so much of black excellence and elegance that is never in the main stream media. Many of us have been given the impression that the African American community has gained little from the current administration. I say we are not looking in the right places. Has anyone noticed the explosion of black creative geniuses in the arts, literature, music, media, blogging and so many other mediums? I wondered if this was because of access to the internet. So many more authors and artists providing written and expressed evidence of our valuable history, past, present and future.. This is the age when we can never again be erased from the history books. We exist most of time on our own terms. We are a presence in science fiction books, cartoons. The generation coming up no longer need to feel invisible. WE are here and we are not going anywhere . Carry on with the good, inspiring and positive blogging. Thank you.


    1. That is so true Adele. The collective recognition for the importance of documenting our significance for ourselves and future generations is very inspirational. There is not enough time in one day to indulge in all the brilliant ideas and works within this intellectual and cultured movement. Thank you so much for your kind words. It means a lot to me.


  2. Think it’s important that we keep dominating and making a way for US, because main stream media doesn’t care.

    My motto for my blog is ‘Either you feel me or you don’t”. I stand by that in a sense that I’m writing about how I feel and writing about things that aren’t typically seen covered by main stream media. Especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now, we need less people that are willing to say “yes sir” and more “I don’t agree and I’m not going to agree for the sake of agreeing”. We are seeing a change and it’s because this generation is finally find it’s voice. Bloggers, vloggers, authors, all of the creatives are taking up arms and we’ve finally had enough. No longer are we allowing mainstream media to dictate to us what is and is important. We know what we want to see and what we want to be talked about, and it’s time for change.

    Posts like this are important because it shows the strength that you have in terms of doing what you feel and know is write, so I commend you for stepping up to the plate and leading the way for others that aren’t necessarily in the know of how to do it themselves. This post is everything!



    1. Fist-bump to your blogs’ motto Devon. I agree that us creatives are changing and enhancing the narrative. We are reclaiming our image, reputation, and contributions. What I love about how we are causing this shift: through supporting our communities virtually and in person with content and ideas that are harder to erase. Hopefully…eventually…mainstream media and viewers will learn to appreciate this and work with us. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, kind words, and constant support/interactions on twitter. I really appreciate it.


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